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The Seven core components

Its about the seven core componets

Jorge Perfect

on 5 July 2013

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Transcript of The Seven core components

The seven core components
Hard drive
CD drive
Graphics card
Mother board
It holds all the data that you use,
so it holds your music, games, videos,
homework, ETC.
Random Access Memory
This is a short term memory
and loses its the data that is
being used by the RAM
when you turn
your computer off.
It can hold CDs and
Add or take away
data from the CD
it is holding.
The graphics card gets
data from the CPU and then
sends messages to your monitor, so you can see
what your doing to your work.
The CPU Central Processing
Unit its the brain of the computer
and tells all the parts of the
computer what to do in binary. The
speed that it works at is measured
in MHz GHz. It work buy using Fetch,
Decode, Execute. Fetch the data,
Decode it, Execute it. (AKA give
the decoded data Away). It has a
Fan to keep it cool.
Power Supply Unit
It takes electricity
and gives it to all
the parts of the computer.
The mother
board holds
all the parts
of the computer
It has buses
on it which
carry data to
all the parts
of the computer.
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