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No description

Lucia Marino

on 6 March 2014

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Transcript of GEne

Graphic Generation X: Chicago
Focus the event on MODO – best software for designers & engineers
Specific talks on how to use MODO for product & industrial design (introduction & advance features)
Benefits of 3D visualisation vs. 2D
Workshops (RSVP) – 1 modeling, 1 rendering

Introduction to other The Foundry software that can be used in conjunction/useful for TA (MARI & KATANA)

Competition: best model at demo pods (max 10min)
TOTAL £25,000
Travel & accommodation £4,000
Merchandising £4,000
Design & graphics £5,000
Passes & Internet £500
AV equipment £1,500
Blank Shell Scheme £10,000
Videos with renders using MODO and MARI
Other The Foundry products
Real time product design
Organising The Foundry’s attendance at
Graphics Generation X

22nd-23rd September
Monday 9:30am – 6:00pm
Tuesday 9:30am – 4:00pm
Product Designers & Engineers
10 x 10 blank
shell scheme
Electriticy supply
2 x Show passes
4 x Staff
2 x Demo pods showcasing
HP & graphic card loaned kits
(£10K shell scheme)

Number of expected visitors
Knowledge of The Foundry & MODO (awareness vs. users)
1st time Vs. usual visitors
Social demographic info (gender, age, social class)
Professional status (junior vs. CEO)
Industry (luxury vs. commodity)
Show pass (free, invitation vs. paid for, company vs. individuals)
Interests: reasons to go to GGX (tech, 3D design, networking)
Software packages they use
Behaviour: average time they spend on exhibition

Attendees (Target Audience)
Trajectory (new Vs. long history)
Frequency of the show (annual, quarterly, one-off …)
Activities & schedule (conferences, shop, networking events, meetings)
Location of the exhibition centre
Exhibition floor map
Booth Location: can we choose?
Sockets & Power connection (number, location)
Internet connection available
Exhibitor Services Department: what services they can provide
Presence of competition (Cinema 4D, Lightwave, Autodesk, Solidworks, ...)
Opening dates for delivery, installation and rip-out
Access to loading bay

US market
Market penetration
Positioning against competitors

Competitors & Market Size
Message: What do we want to transmit?
Event goal & objectives
Budget: covers staff related costs (travel expenses, accomodation, transport)?
VAT on top?
What have we done in the past? GGX & similar events
Activities that need to be done
Staff: decided or subjective to event planning
EU vs. US staff
Strategy & Budget

Size: 10 x 10 (metres vs. foot)
Existing resources
Anything we can reutilise? (signs, graphics, furniture, technical drawings, booth design)
Adaptability: stand to be adapted for disabilities? (wheelchair users area, audio enhancers, …)
Need for BOH space?
Demo Pods (own vs. loan)
Do we need to ship any items?

Stand & Design
Sponsorship terms
Terms & conditions of the agreement with HP and the graphic cards provider
Resources available (desktop, laptop, screens)
Delivery method
Confirmation on what they expect in return
Showcase MODO on the pods
Presentations, screen and sitting area
Sitting area used as lounge whilst there are no presentations (Staff can sit down for Q&A)
Counter/table for staff
BOH space
Merchandising (USB sticks with trial & TF marketing materials, notepads, pens, badges, flyers)
Design & Merchandising
Proposition & Activities
Estimates per category
4 months to go
3 months to go
Finalise schedule
Confirm Staff
Finalise travel & accommodation arrangements
Brief graphic design company about merchandising
Sign off merchandising design
Order merchandising
Plan marketing campaign for workshop participants (DM, local PPC, partner invitations)
Plan marketing campaign for attendees & press (DM, SM, OM & partners)

2 months to go
Confirmation on merchandise delivery day
Confirmation on branding/look delivery day
Confirmation on installation and rip out days
Confirmation on enquiries to the ESD
Prepare presentation materials
Implement Mk campaign for workshop (RSVP)

1 month to go
Implement Marketing campaign for attendees & press (DM, SM, & partner invitations)
Update OM & SM with participation in the exhibition & schedule
Reach bloggers & specialised media. Invite them to the event & set up meetings with them
Revision of presentation materials
Confirm workshop participants
6 months to go
Clarification on all the points mentioned (confirmation with organisers, internal team & sponsors)
Confirm goal/objectives for the event according to marketing strategy (raise awareness, sell our products, encourage trial, get new users)
Decide the main message: MODO is the best pick for product & industrial designers (user friendly, powerful, quick turnaround, stunning renders)
5 months to go
Confirm booth location (corner vs. centre)
Check available resources (reutilise) and/or brief the design agency
Sign off design concept
Liaise with sponsors for resources available according to design concept
Sign off technical drawings after ensuring they meet brand guidelines
Start planning event activities
Get quotes for printing/branding materials
Confirm strategy: shipping vs. Chicago local production
Sign agreement with contractors
Sign off final sponsorship contract with HP & Graphic Card provider

Previous days
3 weeks to go
Book Transfers & Transport
Exhibition centre will be opened as planned
Stand will be installed on the agreed date
Campaign Implementation
Generate buzz around the upcoming participation at GGX (OM, SM & DM)
Link to blogs/magazines who featured the exhibition & TF participation

2 weeks to go
Branding & merchandising will be delivered on the agreed date
All staff is available
Presentations & equipment are ready to travel to Chicago

1 week to go
Amendments if needed

Follow up
Questionnaire for workshop participants
Analysis against objectives & KPI
Satisfaction (workshop)

Post Event
Info from


Info from Sponsors
Event proposal
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