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Inviolability of the Home According to the Spanish Constitut

No description

Carlos Castillo

on 27 April 2016

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Transcript of Inviolability of the Home According to the Spanish Constitut

In The Constitution of 1978
Art. 18.2
"The home is inviolable. No entry or search may be conducted without the consent of the owner or court resolution except flagrante delicto"
Right Of Property
It's nos restricted to the protection of property that belong to us.
Involves the permission to access these.
Is the inviolability of the home the impossibility of entry?
a) The Injunction

* Investigation

* The Invalidity of evidence.

b) Delinquent Flagrant Delicto.
Relationship with the right to privacy
...the inviolability of the home primarily protects one's privacy because it prevents it prevents interference with space where individual exercise their most intimate freedoms.
Right To Inviolability Of The Home
It contributes to the protection of the other fundamental rights.
It was conceived originally as a guarantee for personal freedom against the state.
Inviolability of the Home According to the Spanish Constitution of 1978.
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