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Energy in the Atmosphere

The vocabulary of Section 1 in Chapter 14

Pratyusha Manthena

on 11 May 2010

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Transcript of Energy in the Atmosphere

Energy in the Atmosphere Vocabulary By: Pratyusha Manthena
7th Period
4/26/10 Radiation The direct transfer of energy by electromagnetic waves. Electromagnetic Waves A form of energy that can travel through space. Infrared Radiation A form of energy with wavelenghts that are longer than red light. Ultraviolet Radiation Wavelenghts that are shorter than violet light. Sunburns are usually caused by ultraviolet rays. Most of the radiation from the sun reaches Earth in the form of light. Infrared radiation isn't visible, but you can feel it as heat. Electromagnetic waves are classified according to wavelength. Scattering Reflection of light in all directions. Greenhouse Effect The process by which gases hold heat in the air. The greenhouse effect is a natural process that keeps the Earth's atmosphere at a temperature that is comfortable for living. When you look in the sky, the light you see has been scattered by gas molecules.
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