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A comparison of the Sexyphone and the Percussion section.

I completely destroy the pathetic user of the SAXAPHONE with my sticks of strength.

Donovan Shea

on 24 October 2012

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Transcript of A comparison of the Sexyphone and the Percussion section.

The Great Comparison Because nothing says 'argument' like two animals bashing heads. Speaking of bashing...... A first impression of the weak
sticks employed by my friend
KEVIN. PERCUSSION. His foolish endeavors to protect the useless 'heart
of the band' (HA! I could accomplish this with my
face on a wall!) are doomed to failure. Only a true musician can keep time without the aid of a fool with a mallet. If you can really play such an instrument, congratulations. You are more skilled than a rock. But only just. And I'm not naive. But you, you are oblivious to the truth. So what if the band needs a metronome? I can hold a beat with out them. And besides, anyone can hold a strong beat, just by counting one-two-three-four as they play. We don't need the bashing noises of you. Well now that you have had to be tortured and possibly corrupted by my companion by listening to his lies. If I am am oblivious then you are as blind as a bat in the daylight. Everyone can press a few buttons and breathe into a reed but only a true and great musician can learn how to use 10 or 20 instruments at a single time. The beautiful SAXOPHONE You will now hear how the percussion is far superior to the saxophone as it is said correctly. We help keep the beat of the band and we do it without using the dirty and evil robotic metronome and we do it with our minds which proves that our skill and intellect is far superior. Oh yeah than how com every teacher we have had
has said that the percussion is the heart of the band
and last time I checked you need a heart to live my naive friend. The saxophone only achieves to make it sound like we are a band of dying geese well I guess I shouldn't say it's the instrument more like the skill of the person playing.
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