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Keyla Karilis

on 26 March 2015

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Transcript of Method

Within the field of education, the technical comprises an important variety of procedures, strategies, and methods of intellectual nature that are used to both educate as to improve the learning processes of students
Methods of Investigation:
are those who are looking for increase or deepen our knowledge.

Methods of Organization: intended solely to establish standards of discipline for the conduct, in order to run a task.

Methods of transmission:transmit knowledge, attitudes, or ideals. They are the intermediaries between the teacher and student
Types Of Methods
During the learning process can be used various techniques and methods of teaching.
Method comes from the latin methodus, which in turn has its origin in the Greek, in the words (meta=goal) and (Hodos=path). By the above method you want to say way to get to a place
We are talking about teaching and learning strategies to refer to the set of techniques that help to improve the educational process.
For example, you can talk about strategy for the organization of the content to talk about a way to act in the face of a task using different techniques such as stress, summarize or make diagrams
Strategy of teaching They are experiences or conditions that the Teacher creates to promote student learning
Learning strategy: Are procedures that a student acquires and uses intentionally to learn how to solve problems
Types Of Strategies
What are They
They are the processes of programming that can be used in a variety of techniques and teaching methods.
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