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British VS Continental Army

No description

Jimmy Rao

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of British VS Continental Army

Introduction The British Army and the Continental Army had similarities and differences but they were both powerful armies that fought each other during the Revolutionary War. The war took place in 1775-1783 on the eastern side of North America. It started because King George III tightened his grip on Colonial America by passing unfair laws, raising taxes, limiting goods and taking away their democracy. There was also the Boston Massacre that angered the colonists and the Boston Tea Party that angered the king. The Battle at Lexington and Concord really started off the Revolutionary War and changed American History. The British Army 1. Experienced officers and soldiers
2. Royal Navy is the largest and most experienced in the world at the time.
3. Well supplied, trained, fed, equipped, funded and disciplined.
4. Mercenaries paid to fight such as the Hessians. Pros: Cons: 1. Unfamiliar territory and far from home which meant longer time for supplies to arrive.
2. Lacked recruiting and sometimes inexperienced, wealthy officers bought themselves into higher positions with more responsibility.
3. The British flint could only fire 6 rounds before it needed resharpening while the American flint could fire 60 rounds.
4. The British did not adapt to American guerilla warfare. The Continental Army Pros: 1. Americans had a reason for fighting. They fought for their rights, independence and liberty.
2. Americans had an alliance with the French which helped win some very important battles.
3. They fought with strategy and didn't always fight ''by the rules'' or how the British fought which was very formal and organized.
3. The British population questioned the need to control the colonies. Cons: 1. The Continental Army had a difficult time rasing funds for supplies.
2. Less experienced, diciplined and equipped militia.
3. Most of the Continental Army was made up of militia and not regulars. Conclusion
I think the reason why the Americans won the Revolutionary War was because they fought differently and more effectively. They also had a will to win and a home court advantage.
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