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Poetry Analysis

No description

Hadley Hanson

on 25 February 2014

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Transcript of Poetry Analysis

Poetry Analysis
By: Hadley Hanson
Oscar Martinez
Noah Lira
Blake Hartford
Bridget McGeagh

About the Author
An Illusion by Mark R Slaughter

An Illusiion
Speak to me –
Speak thro’ drifting clouds
O! sing to me –
Sing as if the sun would throw a flare
To give to harmony
Then call to me –
Call across the drowsy valleys –
Spread the word you care!
Now come to me –
Abandon now
My inner dreams
That lay illusions bare.
Then pray for me –
Pray that I recover
From reality:
But no! I ask, how could you,
For you were never there.

Summary of Poem
The poem is saying that the person's dreams speak to him . He confuses his dreams from reality. He fears reality because of his joyous dreams.
Literary Terms
Personification- "sing as if the sun would throw a flare"

Hyperbole- "Call across the drowsy valleys"

Personification- "Call across the drowsy valleys"

Paradox- "Now come to me- abandon now"

Repetition- "
to me-
thro drifiting clouds"

Mood- Lonliness
Born in Norfolk, UK, Slaughter has two children and a wife. He writes all varieties of poems but especially enjoys exploring emotion. Because of his work in biological science, he was often too busy to pursue interest in poetry, but due to a job change, he had more spare time to write poems.
Pursuit of Happiness by Kid Cudi
This song connects to Julius Caesar because Caesar's wife has a nightmare and the lyrics of the song are talking about dreams. The lyrics say "you don't really know about nothin' nothin'," which relates to when Caesar gets mad at his wife for making him believe her dream meant something was going to happen. "How foolish do your fears seem now, Calphurnia! I am ashamed I did yield to them" (2.2.105-106).
Group Poem
Fear not that you might make a mistake in believing in your dream;
Fear rather that if you don't all will be lost.
You shall stand before Him and He'll tell you
You could have conquered the world
If only you had a little more faith.

Your dreams are who you are,
And people don't care about anyone but themselves,
So listen to no one except for yourself.

You will find your dreams can wake you,
But not for no reason.
They try to take you and guide you,
Because they know best.
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