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OCT - 9th & 10th

Lesson 2 - Bullying

Gloria Cooper

on 12 November 2014

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Transcript of OCT - 9th & 10th

In our previous lessons we discussed in detail what bullying is. Today we will focus on the victims, the bullied.
and what to do about it.
The Bullied:
When it comes to bullying victims, it becomes apparent that bullying has serious and lasting effects. Victims of bullying often experience a series of emotional problems that can last the rest of their lifetime. The effects of bullying are detrimental and dangerous for the victim.
What are some effects of being bullied?
suicidal thoughts
changes in appetite
feeling worthless
low self-esteem
problems staying focused
Are you or someone you know being bullied?
Answer yes or no to the following questions:
1. Have people spread rumors about you?
2. Do others tease you?
3. Have you been left out of games, activities, or eating lunch with other people?
4. Have you been made fun of because of your clothes, hair, glasses, race, ethnicity or your religion?
5. Has someone threatened to hurt you?
6. Has someone's actions made you feel uncomfortable or unwelcome at school?
"It happens here"
According to a survey of CFISD high school students:
24.6% feel they have been bullied at least once
4% are bullied every day
That means (assuming your class has 25 people) that at least one person sitting your room right now has been the victim of bullying
If you answered yes to even ONE of these questions then you've been a victim of bullying...
And it needs to stop... now!
What can YOU do about it?
If you ever feel bullied remember your EAR.
Exhibit self-confidence
Avoid the bully's tactics
Respond with assertiveness
Take a deep breath and let the air out slowly
Sit or stand tall, head up
Keep your hands at your sides rather than on your hips or folded across your chest
Have a relaxed and purposeful facial expression (not angry and don't laugh)
Maintain eye contact
Speak with a calm voice, loud enough to be heard clearly
Use non-provocative words (don't curse!) and a confident tone of voice
Avoid name-calling or making threats
Avoid finger pointing or other threatening gestures
Reply briefly and directly
Avoid bringing up past issues or making generalizations (Like... "You always...")
Here are some tips on how to stand up to a bully:
What are some other ways to deal with bullies? What can you say or do to stop the situation?

Take a moment and discuss as a class
We can all help prevent and end bullying at our schools. We CAN make it better. Let's start by taking a stand and agree to....

upport students who have been subject to bullying.
each by example treating other students with respect.
pen my eyes and be alert to all incidents of bullying.
revent bullying by reporting any suspicious behavior.
And know that it DOES get better.
"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent"
-Eleanor Roosevelt

If you or someone you know is being bullied please contact your teacher, AP or school counselor. They're there to help.

Enjoy the possibilities.
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