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19/11 Economic Overview (demo) by Dawie Roodt

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Chantal du Toit

on 21 August 2014

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Transcript of 19/11 Economic Overview (demo) by Dawie Roodt

The Great "Normalisation"
House View Themes
World economic growth below trend
Short term DM fundamentals improving
Shift in growth expectation from EM to DM
Start of "Great Normalisation"
EM growth/fundamentals deteriorating
World story
South Africa
By: Dawie Roodt
Labour Trends
The role of the Rand
Households & Inflation
Think Efficient. Realise potential.
Time for DM economies
Structurally wrong
A Bullish Market
Hanging On
Policy the Key
Chief economist Efficient Select
Economic Growth
How are our fund positioned given our outlook?
Demographic Dividend
Skills - women
Labour legislation - women
Urbanisation policy
Access to health services
The bottom line for SA
Demographic Dividend
SA Demographic dividend
Source: Efficient Group Economics
Source: SAIRR
Source: Efficient Group Economics
Source: SAIRR
Source: SAIRR
Source: SAIRR
3 Major dependency ratios
Source: SAIRR
Be successful
Be responsible
Honour contracts
As a director
As an employee
As an emplyer
As a businessman
Do "not your job" things
Don't sin
How to make a difference:
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