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Semester Review

No description

Ann Ratliff

on 9 December 2015

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Transcript of Semester Review

Question 1
What type of maps focus on one theme such as population density, land use, resources, or climate zone?
Question 2
What type of region is based on an individuals beliefs or stereotypes of a location?
Answer 2
Perceptual regions
Question 3
What does ESPN stand for when evaluating different world regions?
Answer 3
Economic, Social/cultural, Political, eNvironment
Answer 1
Special Purpose or Thematic Maps
Semester Review
Question 4
What does DOGTAILS stand
for in the map skills unit?
Answer 4
Date, Orientation, Grid,
Title, Author, Index,
Legend, Scale
Question 5
What is the difference
between GPS and GIS?
Answer 5
GPS relate only to
map-building. GIS uses
these maps to create
Question 6
What is weather measured
over a long period of time?
Answer 6
Question 7
What side of a mountain
is typically very dry
and desert-like?
Answer 7
Leeward side
Question 8
Which Earth sphere related
to internal forces such as
volcanoes and tectonic
plate movement?
Answer 8
Question 9
What is one thing that
the atmosphere and hydrosphere
have in common?
Answer 9
Question 10
What are the four factors
that impact temperature?

Answer 10
Latitude, Air masses,
Continentality, Elevation
Question 11
What is the term for the
alteration of an environment
to enhance its safety, security,
utility or accessibility?
Answer 11
Question 12
What is the the ability to provide
for today's needs without
compromising the ability for
future generations to provide
for their own needs?
Answer 12
Question 13
Give one example of a modification in your life.
Answer 13
Question 14
What 3 physical factors
make up a region?
Answer 14
Vegetation, climate,
land and water forms
Question 15
Explain an instance where
humans have created something
to benefit society that has
led to an unintended
negative consequence.
Answer 15
Many answers.
ex. cars > pollution
Question 16
What is the term for the
amount of plants/animals
an area can support?
Answer 16
Carrying capacity
Question 17
What are 2 issues
faced by countries with
high population densities?
Answer 17
Many answers.
Ex. sanitation, water, education
Question 18
What caused the
'population boom' that
began in the late 1700s?
(two possible answers)
Answer 18
Industrial Revolution
Advanced medicine
Question 19
If a population pyramid
is very large at the bottom
and very small towards the top,
what can we assume about
the population structure?
Answer 19
High fertility rate,
low life expectancy
Question 20
List 3 push factors and
3 pull factors important to migration.

Many answers.
Question 21
What is the term for
societal attributes such
as language, religion,
customs, or traditions?
Answer 21
Elements of culture
Question 22
What is the term for a widely
held but fixed and oversimplified
image or idea of a particular
type of person or thing?
Answer 22
Question 23
What is the international
convergence of ideas,
cultures, and products?
Answer 23
Question 24
What is the term
for immigration OUT of a
Answer 24
Question 25
Sikhism, Buddhism, and
Hinduism all believe
in what?
Answer 25
Final Question
What is one change in food
production that has led
to increased urbanization?
Final Answer
Many possible answers.
Mechanization of agriculture. Commercial Agriculture. Monoculture
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