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Gain brand control and consistency to thrive in today’s highly competitive market

How can marketing departments ensure effective brand management that makes all brand assets work harder and more effective?

Adgistics Ltd.

on 7 November 2016

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Transcript of Gain brand control and consistency to thrive in today’s highly competitive market

A centralised BAM solution that tracks usage on approved materials will help control, manage and report on brand assets in real time.

Implementing an iron clad brand control process provides the promise to consumers that no matter where they are, will receive the same positive brand experience.
A centralised BAM solution can evangelise a collaborative brand culture of passionate ‘brand guardians’ to exercise greater brand control.
Implementing brand control
The right Brand Asset Management solution can simplify decision processes as it provides stakeholders with comprehensive reporting, dashboards and statistics. It helps manage and distribute staff appropriately to reduce bottlenecks.
Centralised materials and guidelines are the best way to maintain brand compliance and help to keep everyone in the know. This ensures accountability for decisions made around how to communicate the brand.
With manageable privacy settings, accessible data rights and recorded brand asset versions and histories, a Brand Centre® solution allows you to easily share assets between departments and third party partners.
A BAM solution can’t control a company’s brand on its own but it can help to manage the brand more efficiently by ensuring all marketing collateral are available, up-to-date and relevant.
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