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NMSF Board Presentation June 4, 2013

No description

Robert Stein

on 6 September 2016

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Transcript of NMSF Board Presentation June 4, 2013

Aligning the Vision:
Suggestions for a Development Plan for NMSF
Robert Stein, CFRE
Principal, MajorGiving
4 June 2013
The Institutional Case Statement
Why do donors give?

5. Community responsibility/pride
4. Regard for leadership
3. Fiscal stability of institution
2. Respect for institution locally

(Jerold Panas, Mega Gifts)
1. Belief in mission, vision and values of the organization
What Do Donors and Prospective Donors Want to Know?
Why your mission/program is so vital?
Why are you uniquely qualified/experienced in fulfilling your mission?
Why is it urgent?
Why do you need donors/investment?
Why should I give?
What will my gift accomplish?
Building the Development Plan
Assessment of current activities
Annual fund
Major giving
Planned/estate giving
Research of Current Donors
Capacity and interest
Finding the right acquisition methods
Develop a giving club to feed into major giving
The Major Giving Program
Develop a portfolio of 150 prospects capable of giving six figures and above
Board contacts
Other affiliate contacts
Build a board/volunteer committee to work with the management team in
All of this will take 3-5 years
Sufficient Board and CEO Engagement in Fundraising
A recent study conducted by CompassPoint, funded by the Evelyn and Walter Hass Jr. Fund found:
A significant disparity of revenue success between organizations with boards engaged in major giving and those that are not (35% vs. 2%)
An overwhelming majority of executives—79%—agreed that executive competency in securing gifts is “very important.”
26% identified themselves as having no competency or being a novice at fundraising.
Board members must govern, advocate AND raise money--it is NOT multiple choice
Where Do You Go from Here?
Resource Investment
Who will build the infrastructure?
What is the time-line?
What kind of metrics will be used to assess progress?
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