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Atlantis: The Mystery

Joseph and Curtis's Prezi on Atlantis

curtis mcconnell

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of Atlantis: The Mystery

The Lost Civilization Yes -Dr. Robert Menzies took sonar recordings that had found pillars and walls along the floor of the ocean.
-According to Plato Atlantis was a garden of Eden.
-They (supposedly) built a temple of gold for the sea god: Poseidon. No -Scientists say that the pupil of
Socrates, Plato, made up Atlantis like a fairy tale to prove his theories.
-Plato just wanted to prove his theories
like in Timaus and Critias Theories Is it real? Theory 1: Plato described Atlantis as alternating rings of sea and land, with a palace in the center 'bull's eye'. Theory 2: (9000 years before the time of Plato) the Atlanteans became corrupt and evil so the Gods decided to destroy them by sinking their island. Map of Atlantis During the Ice Age Land - Present Land - Sunken 1000 km Theory 3: In Timaeus Plato described Atlantis as a prosperous nation out to expand its domain. Theory 4: People believe that Atlantis was any old island like some in the Bahamas, Bermuda, the Azores, Canary Islands, etc. has a chance of being the location of Plato’s fantastic continent. Pictures Fig. 1 - Fig. 2 - Atlantis in ruins underwater Fig. 3 - Another picture of Atlantis in ruins underwater A Prezi by: Joseph McRae and Curtis McConnell Our reasoned judgement Based on Dr. Menzies' find in 1965* we think that Atlantis does have a good chance of existing. We believe that Atlantis does exist underwater somewhere. *, he looked at sonar recordings that showed big pillars and walls with mysterious writing on them. Websites http://www.mystic-mouse.co.uk



http://en.wikipedia.org Evidence
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