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No description

Selena W

on 27 May 2015

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Transcript of Haudenosaune:

What spirits did they Belief in ?
Haudenosaunee believed in three different type of spirits like: ghosts,
gods and spirits. They believed that a shamans can tell you your future.A shaman can be a girl or a boy. They believed that a Shaman had Special powers to see into the future. Shamans wore Bear skin robes,Aprons,Rattles,Charms, Necklaces and more.
Today the only thing that i know that is spiritual is spirit day. Today we don 't have shamans around to look into the future.we have fortune tellers.today we decide to choose are on distany for us.
Spiritual Beliefs
By Selena Williams

My tribe is called Haudenosaunee, which means people of the long house. I choose this tribe because it had a large area so I thought it was a good tribe. My topic is about spiritual beliefs. I chose this topic because i thought it was interesting and it was different from other topics.
Thanks for watching
I hope you enjoyed it.

Where they lived
The haudenosaunee tribe lived in a big
territory. The Haudenosaunee tribe lived in northeastern woodlands. The place where Iroquois lived is now called New York state , Ontario and Quebec. They lived where there was pine,oak,maple,ash and more trees.
New woman shuffle
A War Dance
Spiritual Dances
These are some spiritual dances: Alligator dance, New woman shuffle, Chicken dance,Cousin 's dance,Old moccasin dance,Northern dance,Pigeon dance,Raccoon dance, Rabbit dance ,Robin dance , Round dance, Shake the brush dance,Sharpened Standing Quiver dance, Sun dance,Moon dance Cherokee' s dance and Thunder dance.
What did they belief in?
The Haudenosaunee tribe believed in the ( The Great Spirit , The Evil Spirit.) They also beliefed that everything was cared by the spirits. They respected each and every living thing.Also they thank the animal for it's giving.The tribe has 13 main ceremonies each year.In spring the Haudenosaunee tribe would have a Mourning dance.
These dances tell a Story or a legend for in example the rabbit dance tells about how they hunted the animal or/and how the people met the rabbit.
What does Haudenosaunee mean?
What is the names of where the haudenosaunee tribe lived, is now callled?
What is the topic that i am talking about?
Name three thing that Shamans wear?
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