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The 7 areas of technology

No description

Parker Lewis

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of The 7 areas of technology

By: Parker Lewis The Seven Areas of Technology Medical technology- Developing and using machines and systems to treat diseases and maintain the health of living beings. Medical Technology Agricultural technology- Using materials, information, and machines to produce the food and natural fibers needed to maintain life. Agriculture and Biotechnology Power and Energy technology- Developing and using systems and processes to convert, transmit, and use energy. Energy and Power Technology Communication Technology- The use of equipment and systems to send and receive information. Communication Technology Transportation Technology- Developing and using devices and systems to move people and cargo from an origin point to a destination. Transportation Technology Developing and using systems and processes to convert materials into products in a factory. Manufacturing Technology Construction technology-Using systems and processes to erect structures on the sites where they will be used. Construction Technology 3 examples of safety for Agriculture and Biotechnology would be:
Pants so you do not get burned by any machines.
Boots so your feet do not get muddy.
Hats so the sun will not be in your eyes. Opinion:
I love home grown food because I think that it taste better. 3 examples of safety for Medical technology would be:
Mask so you cough on your patient.
Gloves so you do not get blood on your hands.
Goggles so nothing gets in your eyes. Opinion:
I hate getting shots because my arm is soar for a week. 3 examples of safety for energy and power technology would be:
Rubber gloves so you do not get shocked
Rubber boots again so you do not get shocked.
Stay away from power lines when there is a storm. Opinion:
We need solar panels otherwise we would have no power in the future. 3 examples of safety precautions would be:
Do not talk on the phone when you are in water because it could shock you.
Don't believe everything that you see on the internet
Be careful and watch what you post on the internet Opinion:
I hate and love phones. You need them if you are lost, but they can be a pain in the rear. Opinion:
I am afraid of air planes. Opinion:
I hate the factories that make things because they produce so much pollution. Opinion:
I really do not like how they have to cut down trees to build things. 3 examples for transportation technology would be:
Make sure that you are wearing pads when skateboarding.
When driving do not text or talk on the phone. It can wait.
Also when driving a truck and there is a child in the front seat, then make sure the air bag is off. But if not then keep it on. 3 examples for manufacturing technology would be:
Make sure not to have any liquids near equipment.
Make sure to have a automatic turn off switch, in case something goes wrong.
Hard hats if necessary 3 examples for construction technology would be:
Hard hats so nothing falls on you and kills you.
Steel toe boots so you can protect your toes.
Wear safety glasses when doing something that could harm your eyes.
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