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Decision Builder Bootcamp

Training for new associates

Sarah Chorley

on 31 March 2010

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Transcript of Decision Builder Bootcamp

People helping people find finacial solutions for life 30% of the time Decision Builder: reaching the other 70% What we're going to learn today: Why we use Decision Builder
How to navigate through and successfully use Decision Builder
Telephone skills What is Decision Builder? A Computer programs that Assists Arvest in reaching the 70% of customers that do not come into the branch
Arvest employs the use of Decision Builder to help us contact our customers.
Helps ensure customer loyalty
Strengthens our relationship with our customers.
Why Decision Builder? Effective way to build relationships with key customers
Proven successful for over three years:
Benefits for the customer We express our appreciation
We get to say “Thank you for your business.”
Customer feels valued and important.
Allows a customer to take advantage of special offers of which they may have not been aware
Offers a listening ear to any issues or questions they may have
Benefits for the bank Increases Profitability and Revenue
Increases customer satisfaction and retention
The more products a customer has with us, the less likely they are to leave
Increases the potential to contact future customers
Provides opportunities for branches to meet sales goals
Benefits for the Associate Provides the associate with a means to contact customer they may never see
Creates opportunities for the associate to meet and exceed goals
Gives the associate a resource to better their relationship building skills
Provides the associate with a tool which will help in future career paths
You're not a telemarketer A cold call: “A telephone call or visit made to someone who is not known, often in order to sell something.”
No Cold calls! Remember: Your regular customers are someone else’s prospects.
You will rarely have all their business. QUIZ! What are the two things you can always offer a customer?
1. Your gratitude
2. Your name and phone number
Important terms: Marketable entity which is used to reduce duplicate marketing
Individual customers are grouped into HouseHolds based on:
Last name
HouseHold (HH): Joint accountholders within a HouseHold will not receive Decision Builder opportunities, only the primary accountholder will have opportunities generate. Chorley's 123 main Street Chorley's
156 2nd Street Two sets of DB calls 4267 N. Horrible Ln Chorley's Spence's Two sets of DB calls HouseHolds are grouped into segments based on balances and age.
Segments are used to better refine marketing efforts.
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