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Famous Failures

No description

Maya Kahn

on 21 January 2014

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Transcript of Famous Failures

Famous Failures
By: Maya Kahn, Annabella Lahtinen and Allison Stewart
Abraham Lincoln
16th American President and helped abolish slavery
Some of his failures included losing an election for the state legislature and being defeated as an elector. "In 1864, the editor of the New York Tribune predicted, 'Mr. Lincoln is already beaten. He cannot be re-elected.' Later that same year, Lincoln won with 55 percent of the popular vote and 91 percent of the electoral votes."
Thomas Edison

inventor of the lightbulb
He was called "slow and retarded" by teachers and was fired from his railroad job because he caused a train to derail. His boss regretted the favor of letting him work in his lab because he destroyed a telegraph while experimenting with a battery.
Jay Leno

famous comedian
He had dyslexia as a child, so he had to work twice as hard in school. When he was trying out for a comedian job, the casting agent said, "'We really like Jay, but we feel his face could be frightening to children'" and also suggested he should get surgery.
Tommy Hilfiger
well-known fashion designer
"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts."
-Winston Churchill
He had several unsuccessful businesses and "decided to stick to freelance work" where he met a man that helped Hilfiger start his own company.
Nolan Bushnell
father of video game industry
He had a deal with a company named Merrill Lynch, who ended up backing out on the deal and later sued him. "While I had a lot of fear about the things spiraling out of control, I felt that it was all flexible if I remained
relentless," stated Bushnell.
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Mark Victor Hansen
American inspirational
and motivational speaker, trainer and writer
He built geodesic homes, and when the oil embargo hit, he lost his job. Once he began to write, 163 publishers denied him and said, "Buzz off and get out of here."

Chris Crutcher
American novelist and family therapist
He didn't do very well in school, and his teachers made him write "500-word essays" because he got on their nerves.
Walt Disney
an American business magnate, animator, cartoonist, producer, director, screenwriter, entrepreneur and voice actor
He failed several times to open a business and was shut down from newspaper companies because he "lacked artistic integrity."
Tyra Banks
American television personality, television producer, author, actress and model
She was faced with rejection and discrimination when she first tried to find a modeling agency. One agency said she looked "too ethnic," and another one said that they "already had a black woman and didn't want another."
Bethany Hamilton
professional surfer
On October 31, 2003, Hamilton suffered a traumatic shark attack, severing her left arm. "Despite the trauma of the incident, Hamilton was determined to return to surfing."
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