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Historical Accuracy of Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean

ENG 1100 Research paper

Joshua Schoettelkotte

on 4 December 2012

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Transcript of Historical Accuracy of Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean

British in the movie wore full uniform
Pirates back in the 16th and 17th century around the Caribbean islands were other nations fighting and stealing from each other
Countries men would ware uniforms only when necessary (not for daily activities on the ship) Historical Accuracy of
Pirates of the Caribbean By Joshua Schoettelkotte What this presentation covers - Presents facts from the movie Pirates of the Caribbean
- Provides insight to viewer on what is historically correct
- Final conclusion Disney and Historical Accuracy

o Although this Disney movie is entertaining, there is a difference between theatrical additions and factual truth.

o Because Disney took on the theme of pirates, they have took on a part of world history.

o Presenting false history to people through a movie can pervert the way people view pirates. So what is true about our beloved pirates? Points from the movie will be presented
Facts from the "real" pirates of the Caribbean will be given
The main movie points that will be covered are: location, clothes, forts/ports, fighting styles/strategies, weapons, and ships. In the movie, the film was based in the Caribbean ocean
The film was accurate in its location and film sights, being the sights of many fierce battles between competing nations and famous pirates. Pirate's clothes What the pirates in the movie wore

Long clothes
Leather straps that held weapons
Big, large hats What pirates really wore

Form fitting clothes that would not get caught in the ropes or on the deck
Mismatched, patched clothes that were stolen from other ships; pirates sewed their
Hats were worn only to show position, not daily. Why? It was hot!
Leather straps that help weapons were also seen only on rich pirates British clothes in the movie Forts and Ports in the Caribbean What the movie presented What was true Large, castle-like forts
Ports will bustling with people
Centers of trade and communities All of it!
Although the forts were restricted to larger nations like Spain, free pirates (not working for a nation) would even have their own towns they would base out of in the Caribbean. This provided for excellent strategy and very quick, decisive battles. Pirates Fighting Styles and Strategies What the movie says: Pirates roamed the ocean looking for ships to fight
Pirates only want gold and treasure to bury on an island or hide away in a cave What real pirates did in the Caribbean Although pirates did often roam the seas looking for ships, most of their attacks were well planned
Pirates always wanted to win: having the most men and the most guns almost guaranteed a victory. Two to three pirate ships were used to attack one other ship.
Caribbean pirates, living in towns, would go for different plunders than treasure. There were accounts of pirates stealing a ship of fertilizer to use on their own crops!
Fighting was not limited to the ocean. Pirates were fierce fighters on land as well. Pirate Weapons Cannons In the movie, cannons were used on land and sea with varying ammo (exploding, solid, double-chain, and random items). The cannons in the movie and ammo used were accurate. Right after the East Indies were discovered, cannons that were cast in iron were mounted on carts. This helped make cannons below deck possible. Cannons were often stuffed with different materials (bone, silver ware, rocks) when ammo ran out. Muskets and Pistols In the movie, every pirate had a musket. These were great weapons used by real pirates to attack the men on ships at a distance. Special muskets called "blunderbuss" were used to shoot multiple objects at the other ship. Although muskets in the movie were readily available, muskets had to be stolen by real pirates. Handguns in the movie were also common. In reality, these were less common among the crew. Only the richest or highest ranking pirates acquired pistols. Swords The icon of all pirates, the sword was common in the movie and was the most popular weapon for real pirates. Because the muskets and cannons took longer to reload, hand-to-hand combat quickly resulted in battle. Swords were weapons all pirates had. Pirate Ships Sloops Although not used in the movie, these small, fast ships were commonly used among the Caribbean pirates to navigate the shores of shallow waters. Brigantines This two masted ship was the most common among pirates. Being able to hold many men and cargo, this ship was a good choice for pirates. This version was used in the movie. Schooners These ships were used later by Caribbean pirates. These ships were designed for speed. Being able to run down slower ships made them a valuable weapon. Although not used in the movie, they were used by the real pirates. Frigates These ships were used in the movie by the pirates. These were very difficult ships for pirates to capture, making them very uncommon in the pirate world. Conclusion Disney made some mistakes in the presentation of the historical accuracy in pirates
Some inaccuracies were not covered in this presentation (such as language and character accuracy) Overall, Disney did made an effort to present historical accuracies in their movie. Citations (2012, October 3). Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl film Locations. The Worldwide Guide to Movie Locations. Retrieved from http://www.movie-locations.com/movies/p/PiratesOfCaribbean_1.html

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Verbinski, Gore and Marshall, Rob (Directors) and Bruckheimer, Jerry (Producer). (2003). Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl [Motion picture]. United States: Walt Disney Pictures
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