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Improving course participation

No description

Mik O'Leary

on 7 May 2010

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Transcript of Improving course participation

How can we get improve
student retention and completion using Moodle? Encourage Give them a reason to come to the site and give them a reason to come back. We already have video and other learning material Put on activities that are just for fun 'Two truths and a lie' Email newsletter Every 3-4 weeks Few paragraphs.
Light-hearted Talk about what's coming up in the course Talk up the fun activities Engage Empower Fun quests & research tasks 2 weekly non-graded quizzes Games:crosswords and hangman using technical terms from glossary Case of the week e.g.
Find the best image of how x-rays are produced in the tube head of an X-ray machine.
Post the image here and summarise how they are produced. Use 'user-generated' content.
Ask the students to write 3 questions that assess the material relating to a specific topic. Check and compile into a quiz. Red Blood Cell Morphology - the importance of the blood smear
Patient details: Henry
Species: Canine
Breed: Golden Retriever
Sex: Male - desexed
Age: 7yr 4mths
Wt: 32.5kg
Colour : Gold
Started vomiting previous day
Very lethargic / weak today
Not eating / drinking
No known change in diet
No history of foreign body ingestion etc
Fully vaccinated
Worming up-to-date
Extremely flat / dull
Mm’s pale CRT – slow
HR 178 RR shallow / rapid
Temp 37.1
Femoral pulse – weak
Sp02 92%
Laboratory Tests performed
Packed cell volume = 20%.
Blood smear to check morphology of red blood cells and presence of platelets

General health profile
Complete blood count

Further Information
Owner reports old bag of onions in compost heap – she found several onions chewed up yesterday

Discuss this case.

What changes do you see and what are the significance of this?
From the history, what is likely to have caused these changes?
What happens to the cell to cause the changes you see in the smear?
Research what treatment is used for this condition.
Post your thoughts in the discussion area by clicking the 'Reply' link.
Read your colleague's discussion and on one or two entries, give feedback, ask a question or discuss what is written. (NB kind, constructive feedback only). 'Ask a Question' forum at top of the course. Encourage students to help each other.
If no one answers them, nudge them towards the answer but don' answer them. Have some 'mock' students in there who answer or ask questions. Student contributed glossaries. Moderated. Simple things that engage
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