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Net Impact RSM

Get to know about Net Impact RSM 2014

Ken Lin

on 4 March 2013

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Transcript of Net Impact RSM

Sustainability Club What We ARE: What we are NOT... What we provide: How can you be part of this? To You:
Equip sustainable knowledge and skills to improve your professional profile

Branding internally and externally

To Society:
Global leaders with sustainable mindsets Sustainable RSM

Charity Club

here to propaganda Attend the events

Become a project manager

Make your ideas Come true Learning from books
Virtual Platform & Newsletters

Learning from people
Workshops & Field Trips

Learning by doing
Challenges and Boot Camps (cross-functional) We don't focus on green practice such as "warm sweater day" or "go paperless" We don't focus on donations or voluntary works We don't try to make you feel guilty or persuade you to become activists we will recruit project manager before each activity
check out our messages! We will support your creative ideas. Feel free to contact us!
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