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English Revolution Time Line

This is a time line for important Events, Things and People during the English Revolution/Civil War

Kate Condon

on 17 November 2011

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Transcript of English Revolution Time Line

English Civil War Magna Carta -1215.
-It was written because King John was abusing his power.
-Parliament was forced to pass rules the king could and couldn't do. James VI of Scotland was born June 19, 1566 Charles I of England
November 19, 1600
Son of James of Scotland and Anne of Denmark 1628
Charles didn't have a Parliament
He recalled it because he had money troubles and thought this would help
This was not the case Petition Of Rights
Made the Parliament for Charles to sign
Signing said document would mean Charles could no longer get $$$ illegally.
He refused and again disbanned Parliament. Long Parliament
Formed in 1640
Charles needed serious help
Unfortunately this Parliament didn't like Charles in the least
They had many demands.... Like for Charles to hand over his loyal advisors, Strafford and Laud.
He odeyed and handed them over
They were killed
Grand Remonstrance
Made by "Long Parliament"
Kings couldn't have Divine Right anymore.
King saw them debaiting this and saw how they were divided......
War on Parliament
Charles decided to arrest the leaders of the "No divine rights" as traitors
He was ready to arrest them but the got away
The Parliament sent for an army
Charles got the crown jewels from Henrietta Maria and payed for a army!
The English Civil War (1642-51)
In the Early Battles Charles was pretty successful
He won the first battle and other little battles....... However Oliver Cromwell (Leader of the Parliament)
teamed up with the scots and they won 2 VERY inportant battles
Marston Moor
Charles then fled to Scotland where he was taken prisoner Rump Parliament This parliament was all that was left after the War. There were Presbyterians and Puritans.
Presbyterians were ok with Charles coming back WITH limited powers
The Puritans did not want him at all!

"The Pride's Purge"
The Puitans drove all 143 Presbyterians out!
The Puitans tried Charles with treason and decided to put him on trail from his life!
Trial and execution of Charles I 1649
He was on trial for treason which is silly because that means he was trying to over throw himself (He was aware of this)
He was found guilty and sent to death
Killed on a January day at 1.
Wore his best clothes to "Die with Dignity"
Cromwell Leads!
He lead the Parliament army from 1649-1658
He got annoyed with The Rump Parliament so locked the doors and was named Military Dicator of England til he died September 3 1658 1660
The New Parliament (the one after the death of cromwell)
Charles 2 came back from Scotland to rule England like his late father!
He agreed to the rules, but secretly wanted to take back ALL the power his father had. Test Act
Passed by the New Parliament when Charles 2 tried to protect the rights of the Catholic's
The Act said No members of the Church may hold a Political Job!
Charles ll dies
His brother James 2 takes the Thrown
He went against the Test Act and gave Catholic's Policical Jobs.
Glorious Revolution
The Parliament asked if James Daughter Mary (not Catholic) and her husband William to step up and be King/Queen.
James and His supporters left the country!
Bill of Rights
Around 1689
Mary and William argeed to have no divine right, just a new Bill of Rights
It said the Parliament was the REAL government
Some of these rights are ones we have today! THE END OF CHAPTER 2! Bibliography
****Lots of Links...If you want to see all the links let me know
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