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What Happened to Goodbye?

No description

Megan Chafin

on 15 July 2013

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Transcript of What Happened to Goodbye?

What Happened to Goodbye?
Mclean is an average teenage girl whose life starts to change when she is fourteen. Her mom had an affair and married the head basketball coach from Mclean and her dad's favorite college. Once her parents divorced, she stayed with her dad who moved them place to place because of his job. In each new town she becomes a new person with a new personality and different name. In Lakeview they call her Mclean for the first time in two years. She then starts falling for a boy and of course once it happens it's time for her to move again.
This book is one of Sarah Dessen's most recent books she has written. This book was published in 2011.
Sarah Dessen is a young adult author that has written eleven books. Her first book was "That Summer" and her most recent is "What Happened to Goodbye?"
Gus, Mclean's dad, works for the company Eat Inc., he becomes the temporary manager at one of their restaurants Luna Blu. Before, when customers were waiting for their food they could snack on rolls, but when Gus took over he changed the whole menu and replaced the rolls with fried pickles.
One day when Mclean was running late for school, she was rushing so much she hurt herself. She hit her nose on her open locker, choked on an energy bar, and ran into the water fountain. Her friend, Riley, found her and assisted Mclean to the nurse's office. Later that day, someone had spread a rumor saying Mclean and Riley got into a fight over a boy named, Dave Wade.
It was time for Mclean to move agian but this time with her mom, not her dad. As they drove away Mclean broke down in tears. Her mom realizes that Mclean enjoys this town and decides to let her stay in Lakeview. Mclean stayed in Opal's extra room since her dad was going to a new restaraunt in Hawaii and her mom returned home. She went to college at The U and worked at Luna Blu in the end.
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