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The art of letting go: Coaching and learner autonomy in the modern classroom.

Workshop given at the MATEFL summer seminar 21.06.14 in St. Julians Malta.

N Fabri

on 23 November 2016

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Transcript of The art of letting go: Coaching and learner autonomy in the modern classroom.

References and useful links
IATEFL recorded sessions:
Technology is a tool in the hands of the teacher and the learner
Sugata Mitra and
Coaching vs. Teaching
Daniel Barber
The art of letting go
Coaching and learner autonomy in the modern classroom
Natasha Fabri
MATEFL presentation

“Life is a balance of holding on and letting go.”
Keith Urban
Thank you for coming!
Can ALL learners benefit?
Task-based teaching
Emergent learning
Discovery-based learning
For all the published papers:
more teacher centered,
T gives instructions and assigns groups and tasks.
Individual learning differences?
Mitra: People always learn better in groups.
Just-in-time learning
"A SOLE is not a content provider"
From: https://edorigami.wikispaces.com/Understanding+Digital+Children+-+Ian+Jukes
"We've created a world where children can learn on their own... and we should be proud of that"

"We didn't have enough teachers in remote areas. Then we realised that was not a bad thing after all."

"Pedagogy needs to include the internet"
Why do people slip on wet surfaces?
You can:
Work it out with people around you in groups of 4;
Decide who you want to work with;
Change groups at any time;
Move around the classroom and hear/use what the other groups are working on and share information;
Use the wi-fi in this room.

You can't:
Ask me, for I know nothing!
2 minutes!
Group presentations!
Sugata Mitra
Children work independently,
have complete freedom.
Very mixed reactions.
Social Learning Theory (Bandura)
Effective modeling relies on:
A - Attention
R - Retention
R - Reproduction
M - Motivation
image from UPDConsulting.com
Taken from: The SOLE Kit, see references at the end
From English teacher to learner coach by Daniel Barber and Duncan Foord. E-book:
M - Motivating
O - Organising
P - Practising
"From English teacher to learner coach", Barber D., Foord D. pg. 31
"From English teacher to learner coach", Barber D., Foord D. pg. 20
Wikispaces -
Read the newsletter!
Vocaroo -
user friendly voice recording tool
Using corpora -
Exam Preparation/BE/ESP/1-to-1
Mentoring programs for teachers
Peer observations
What can
YOU change
in your classroom
on Monday?
My experience
DELTA Module 3
The real solution
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