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Youri Benadjaoud

on 29 November 2013

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Transcript of Algeria

Culture and Civilisation
- 99 % of Algeria is Muslim

- The two main ethnic groups are Berbers and Arabs

- Berbers were the first, native people and later the Arabs settled in Algeria to spread Islam

- The French took control of Algeria in the Nineteenth century
- dancing is common at festivals and parties with hands waving in the air and rapid foot movement
- This war was a conflict between France and Algeria in
1954- 1962 because Algerians did not have the same rights as the French

- Algeria was a French colony before the war and Algerians helped France in both the world wars

- The Algerian people eventually won their independence from France
- their are uprisings and protests by the Algerian people and the French government killed 45,000 Algerian people

- the Algerian people started a revolution
- six million Algerians cast their ballots for independence

- before they earned their independence Algeria had been a French colony for over 100 years
History With the U.S.
- There was a hostage crisis situation on January 16, 2013

- Terrorists attacked a gas plant and took the workers hostage

- 40 foreigners were killed, including a security guard who set off the alarm
French Relationship
- Millions of Algerians have moved to France

- Now many French people are influenced by the migration, because there are more Algerian cultural restaurants and more and more people are starting to eat things like
Vocabulary Words
- tiny balls of wheat usually cooked with meat or vegetables

poulet aux olives
- a dish consiting of olives, chicken, and spices

- woolen cloak

- a cape to cool in the summer and warm in the winter

derbouka and bendir
- percussion instruments

-common foods include
poulet aux olives
and sweet pastries
- instruments are a mixture of modern and older instruments
- cultural and pop music blended together
- cultural instruments include:


- although now younger men and women wear European clothing some still wear the traditional gandoura and burnous
- woolen cloak
- a cape to keep cool in the summer and warm in the winter
red represents- blood of soldiers
white represents- peace
green represents- beauty of the land
crescent and star represent- Islam
During the War
- Algerians started using guerillas tactics on the French military because they were inspired by the revolution in Indochine

- the French government starting putting Algerians in prison, bombing villages, torturing people

- the fight for independence killed more then a million and a half Algerians
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