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Kizzy Ann Stamps

No description

Laura Cody

on 6 March 2014

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Transcript of Kizzy Ann Stamps

Kizzy Ann Stamps
Type of Book
* This book is realistic fiction.
* This story could have actually happen but the author made up the characters.
Quotes & Adjectives
* I would reccomend this book to fourth - sixth grades.
* It would be a fast read for a sixth grader, but a good book for a fourth/third grader because it would work on there fluency.
By: Jeri Watts, Prezi By: Hannah
*This book is a book that took place in 1963-1964. Is about this girl, and her name is Kizzy Ann Stamps. She is sending notes to her integrated white school teacher, Mrs. Anderson. In her letters she tells about her dog and her farm and her scar. How she got her scar is no mystery to anyone. She was helping her white skined neighboors and the boy she was working next to her swung his syth down and it slid along the side of her face making there be this long scar across the right side of her face. There was only one thing that didnt keep her from looking down whenever someone was staring that was her dog Shag. Shag was by far the most loving and faithful dog ever.
*Kizzy Ann Stamps is the main character.
*Shag is Kizzy's dog.
*Mrs. Warner Kizzy's black school house teacher.
*Miss. Anderson her seventh grade white school teacher.
*The Frank Charles Feagans
*When Kizzy's mom asks for hand-me-down clothes for the person she works for Kizzy has to where big exagerated white dresses that she feels like she stands out to much. She said herself that she feels more comfortable in blue jeans and a big t-shirt than in a dress. She also said she would only wear a dress to school if she had to. The only time she ever wore a dress was when she went to school or church, once she got home she would take off her dress and change into jeans and a t-shirt.
* Some adjectives would be: Well writen, good story, amazing, funny at some pionts in the story, it makes me mad at what they did to blacks in other points, cool.

* Carly on amazon says, " And it can also be very good how the girl has such a strong bond with her dog."
* Adamold on amazon says, " The author wrote a profounding story on Kizzy Ann Stamps."

* Jennywho on amazon says," I reccomend this book to readers of young ages."
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