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Campus Guide - Whitney Hall, Kopp Hall, and Bowman Hall.

A guide to finding your way around the B, K, and L Buildings from the MCTC Library.

Scott Williams

on 2 December 2013

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Transcript of Campus Guide - Whitney Hall, Kopp Hall, and Bowman Hall.

Bowman Hall, Kopp Hall, and Whitney Hall
The MCTC Library is located on the first floor of Wheelock Whitney Hall.
Wheelock Whitney Hall
When you exit the library, you can access the 2nd floor by stairs or the 3rd Floor by elevator. Both will be to your left.
The 2nd Floor
Take these stairs...
At the top of the stairs, you will find a lounge area with vending machines full of snacks, soda pop, and water.
Which will take you to these stairs:
If you make a right at the top of the stairs, you can get to the 3rd Floor of the L-Building through this door:
Take the stairs up...
And you will arrive at the door for the L.3000
This is the room that most orientations are held in.
You can also take the elevator on the 1st Floor.
Take the elvator to the 3rd Floor. When you exit the elevator and make a left, you will find a hallway of classrooms and offices. Many of these are used for technology classes and orientations.
Getting to Kopp Hall from the library is easy.
Simply walk out the doors of the library and through the glass doors.
Once in Kopp Hall, make a right and the Human Resources offices will be right in front of you.
Let's look at Kopp Hall & Bowman Hall
A.K.A. - The "L-Building"
If you continue down the hallway past Bowman Hall
You will come to the Judicial Affairs office.
When you continue past Judicial Affairs...
The Human Services Department offices will be on your left side.
If you take the hallway past Human Resources
Human Resources
You will find the entrance to Bowman Hall
Back to Bowman
When you enter Bowman Hall you will see some the trophies that MCTC has earned over the years.
Bowman Hall
Bowman Hall is home to the school gymnasium and a weight room. These areas host the Dance classes, First Aid classes, and Physical Education classes taught in Bowman Hall.
Going straight ahead will take you to the Gymnasium and Dance Room.
Following the stairs down will take you to the weight room and equipment room.
Weight Room
The Dance Room will be on your right.
Walk past the Dance Room and down the hall.
The entrance to the Gymnasium stands will be on the right side of the hallway.
Walk down the stairs.
At the bottom of the stairs, make a right. Go past the bicycles.
The entrance to the Weight Room will be right there.
At the bottom of the stairs, you can also go down the hallway. This hallway will lead you to the Equipment Room and another entrance to the Gymnasium.
Kopp Hall 2nd & 3rd Floors
To get to the 2nd Floor of Kopp Hall, take the stairs in the lobby of Wheelock Hall.
Make a right into Kopp Hall.
Academic Affairs is going to be right in front of you.
Continue down the hall way past Academic Affairs and you come to the offices of the Mathematics Department.
From the 2nd Floor, you can take the elevator next to the skyway to get to the 3rd Floor.
When you get off the elevator, the President's office will be in front of you. You can continue down the hallway.
The offices for the Reading Department will be on your left.
Communication Studies offices.
Continuing down the hall, there are multiple classrooms and offices. This includes the offices for the Communication Studies Department.
Campus Guide
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