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No description

tariq hakky

on 8 September 2016

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Transcript of A.R.A.S.

Future Technology
Augmented Reality Assisted Surgery
Surgical Approaches
Open Surgery
Laparoscopic Surgery
Robotic Assisted Surgery
Endoscopic Surgery
Phase 1
Using AR to create an educational app
Penile Implant*
Male Sling

Using AR for reps to show scrub techs proper prepping techniques.

Use Holo lens to create and educational app

Phase 2
Use Google Glass/Spaceglass/Holo Lens to create augmented reality assisted surgery.

Application for the serious implanter
Phase 3
Using augmented reality assisted technology to prevent intraoperative errors and as an intraoperative consultation tool.
What thoughts or ideas do you have as we move from Phase 1 to Phase 2?
Augmented reality is a live direct view of a physical environment whose elements are augmented, using digital overlay by computer-generated sensory inputs.
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