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1er eso

on 5 February 2016

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Transcript of hawaii

Important cities: Honolulu,Hilo,Kona
Prime minister: Neil Abercrombie.
Main sources of in came ? pineapple, military, tourism, and education.
Christians - 68%
Protestant - 42%
Baptists - 2%
Methodist - 2%
Other Protestant - 38%
Catholics - 21%
Mormons - 5%
Buddhist - 9%
Other religions - 5%
No religion (atheists / agnostics) - 18%
Geographic Features : Hawaii is the southernmost island of the archipelago
The island of Hawaii has been formed by five different volcanic activity.
The island has a maximum width of 149 km
Hilina. Depression or the Great Rift is a deep crevice eight miles long, 60 feet wide and 60 feet deep, located in the district of Ka'u.
Isolation of the Balearic Pacífic Hawaii to me, i will condicions ambiental that is donated to the Balearic high tropics, has as a result one range ample wildlife. volcanic activity has created the eroded geologic subsequent characteristics. join peculiar.
Official language: English and Hawaiia
Population:1,392,313 (2012)
Currency: U.S. dollar (USD)
Current city: The Aloha State
Political Map
Physical Map
Official name and flag
Return ticket
Óscar- Hello.Can i help you?
Roger- Yes i want to visit Hawaii.
How far is it from here?
Óscar- Hawaii's about 12h from here on the plane.
Roger- Ok. How much is a return ticket?
Óscar- A return ticket is 150 pounds.
Roger- And is there a plane or a train to Hawaii?
Óscar- Yes there are planes from the plane station. They're cheaper
than the train. The timetables are here.
Roger- Thanks very much.
At the Restaurant
Port Roast....................15.99
Chiken Katsu..............12.99
Homestyle Maletoaf 12.99
Turkey Sttufing........13.99
Porc Chops.................15.99
Mahi Mahi.................13.99
Kalvi Rivs...................16.99
Óscar- Hello. Can I help you?
We'd like a table for three.
Can I have a port roast, please?
Pau- Can I have a Chicken Katsu, please?
Óscar- One port roast and one Chicken Katsu.
Do you want anything else?
Roger-Yes, a Mahi Mahi , please.
Pau-And a Kalvi Rivs , too.
Óscar-That's $59,96 , please. Thanks very much.
Roger and Pau- Bye
From: Pau Acedo
To: Carner Family
Subject: Òscar's problem

We are visiting Hawaii and we are in a museum.
we have a problem! A policeman confused Òscar with a robber in the museum. it's a big mess, so come, we need your help! The policeman is driving the car to the prison. Tell their friends that he is OK.
Bye from Pau and Roger
Pau Acedo
En aquest treball he après moltes coses: a col·laborar, a què hi han diferents punts de vista i a vegades costa de posar-se d'acord, que cal que tots treballem... per arribar a aconseguir un resultat final. I he fet amics tot treballant.
En aquest treball he après moltes coses sobre Hawaii i també paraules noves amb Anglés.
Hi han hagut dies que la gent no ha treballat, però, m'ho he passat pipa
en el treball. Lo que m'ha agradat més és quan hem gravat les veus.
En aquest treball he après moltes coses noves, en Anglès, i de la cultura Hawaiiana. Hem tingut molts problemes , per exemple, no hem pogut quedar els 3 per organitzar-nos per presentar el treball. En general ha sigut una experiència molt divertida.

This is the shield off hawaii
pau- Hello
oscar- Hey pau. It’s Oscar. How are you?
pau- Fine thanks. What are you doing now?
oscar- I’m in the Hawaii aquarium.
pau- Really ? What are you looking at?
oscar- Oh there are some sharks here. They’re really scary!
pau- Are you having a good time?
oscar- Yeah it’s really interesing. We can meet later if you want.
pau- Ok great ! Give me a call.
oscar- Bye
pau- Bye
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