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Willy Loman (Death of Salesman)

Character recognition of Willy Loman

Alberto Campos

on 6 October 2009

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Transcript of Willy Loman (Death of Salesman)

Willy Loman (Death of Salesman) Willy Loman (Analysis)
He is the main character. An insecure self deluded traveling salesman he believes in the american dream of easy success and wealth, but fails to achieve it.

Nor do his sons fullfill his hope that they would succeed were he has fail.
when willy's illusions begin to fail under the realities of his life, his mental health begin to unknot.
Willy as we can see is in fact a very loney man because most of the time he passes it on the roads due to the fact that his job is a salesman in Boston and other cities while he lives in New York. Willy is a man who has too many issues the main
one is the fact that his desire for the american
dream never came true therefore he is frustrated due to the represion he lives in.
Willy Lowman is a name that is very important as it is a symbol such that Willy which represents "willingess" that he has to succeed in life and Loman which basically is a "Low-Man"the actual description of the lifestyle Willy has. Family Tree Willy Linda Married Biff Loman Happy Loman Sons Ben Willy's
(Illusion) What do you think about Willy Loman? Suicide Why did he Committed Suicide? Do you think he had much pressure on him? Was he tired of working and living a poor life?
Economical Stagnation. Affair He had an Affair with another woman and his son Biff found out. He is not the kind of Dad someone would like to have. Values Who was willy as a Dad? Celebrating the Demerits! Questions??? Thank YOU!
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