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Mapping with Google Fusion Tables

No description

Sonya Reynolds

on 22 July 2015

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Transcript of Mapping with Google Fusion Tables

Programs Overview
Google Fusion Tables
R : data :: Tilemill : mapping
intermediate coding needed
hybrid between coding and interface
can design good-looking legends
publishes to web
Google Fusion Tables
Google docs : data :: fusion tables : mapping
Projected onto google maps
Vector joins
Can geocode on address
Interface is simple, adjustment made on zoom level automatically
Many adjustments are automatic
Publishes to web AND embeddable
Tilemill/Mapbox is good but...
minor adjustments are time consuming
everything that shows up you need to put there
hierarchy in labeling isn't clear
issues with filepaths in coding info window
doesn't process data
not ideal when static
Creating Your Own Map
Collect the Data
Create Map
Troubleshoot issues - there will be some!
Addresses need to be in one field
Geocodes work (sometimes?)
Find points erroneously mapped on other side of the world
Merge with Other Data
Check formatting of matching keys
Preview Map!
It will be ugly, toggle around
Remember : small shapes will be ignored at high zoom levels.
Style Your Map
"Classic" look for dot density heat map
"New" look for thematic map
Styling by cohort or bucket
Info window editing
Markers - plan ahead or use join
QGIS is good but...
can't make minor adjustments
can't make it interactive
can't host online
can't format based on zoom level
you have to format every layer
legends are ugly and not easy to change
New York Civic Engagement Table QGIS Maps :
Overview of GIS
Geocodes / Datum (Geodesy)
Projections - interesting, but don't need to understand this to learn how to map
Shapefiles : points, lines and polygons
Mapping with Google Fusion Tables
Sonya Reynolds
Data and Targeting Manager
New York Civic Engagement Table
Latino Population Change 2000-2012
Table Reach
overlaid on City Council Districts
Asian Population Density
Excel : data :: qgis : mapping
Inspect layers / easy to dig in
Interface is easy to use, no coding needed
Good for static presentation
New York Civic Engagement Table Maps :
NY City Council Redistricting
New York State Senate
Margin of Victory
State Senate Redistricting
Buffalo Impact
New York Civic Engagement Table Maps :
Median Income Sandy-Affected Areas
African American Turnout Gap
NY State Senate Margin of Victory
Fusion Tables are good but...
legends and info window are ugly
beta? What does that mean?
hierarchy in labeling isn't always "smart"
not ideal when static
geo-coding sometimes very wrong
layering is difficult
Pigeon Poop Complaints
Import your shapefile using shpescape or convert in QGIS
Upload data you want to visualize to google fusion tables with addresses
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