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Citizens Yearbook 2014

No description

Best Buddies Wisconsin

on 27 May 2014

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Transcript of Citizens Yearbook 2014

Group Events
State Events
June, 2013
launched in
to bring o
ne-to-one friendships
local adults with and without disabilities
. Since then, we've

more than 50 individuals
in new
! Over the course of this year, we've watched many amazing friendships develop and we've seen our pairs do some pretty awesome things together. Take a look at a snapshot of this year through the eyes of our Citizens buddy pairs.
Best Buddies Wisconsin
Citizens Yearbook 2014
Meet Our Matches
Jamie & Gina
Sam & Laura
Katie & Olivia
Steve & Ryan
Rachel & Sofia
Becky & Stephanie
Aggie & Susie
Kris & Liz
Jaime & Izzi
Nick & James
Meet Our Corporate Matches
Kelly & Ashley
Ryon & Brian
Zoey & Donnie
Gina & Stephanie
Jamillia & LaShanda
Brandon & Kevin
Lilly & Megan
Casandra & Cendra (not pictured)
Holiday Party
Volunteer Service Project
Go Brewers!
Friendship Walks Rule!
Out and About
What's Next?
Congrats Citizens buddies
on an amazing first year! We have watched you go
from strangers to lifelong friends
, and we couldn't be happier! Here's to another year of
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