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Christopher Paul Curtis

mrs.podaski's prezi

matthew durant

on 8 January 2012

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Transcript of Christopher Paul Curtis

Christopher Paul Curtis is the author of many books including The Watsons Go To Birmingham - 1963; Bud Not Budy; Bucking the Sarge; Mr. Chickee's Funny Money; Mr. Chickee's Messy Mission; and Elijah of Buxton. He was born on May 10, 1953 in Flint, Michigan. After he graduated from high school he worked at the General Motor's Fisher Body Plant on the assembly line. He worked in the "jungle," which was one the worst parts of the plant. The "jungle" got its name because of all of the welding equipment hanging from the ceiling as well as the electrical cables running to and from all of the robotic welding arms. It gave the room the feeling of being in a jungle. The smell of oil, grease and smoke made it smell bad too. In the jungle they made the base of the cars, which included lifting and attaching the heavy doors for three different car models: the LeSabre, the Riviera, and the Electra 225. These were all very heavy cars because very little plastic was used back then. For eight hours each night two men would alternate putting the doors on the cars as they came down the assembly line. As you can see, Christopher Paul Curtis had a very difficult job. He said he "absolutely hated working in the plant." In order to pass the time and forget about his job he would write. He and his work partner figured out how to give Christopher more time to write. They would alternate working very hard for 30 minutes and then take 30 minutes off. This was his first refuge for writing. 1 2 3 Christopher Paul Curtis
by Matthew Durant 4 Christopher Paul Curtis knew he did not want to work in a factory forever. He went to college at the University of Michigan. His wife encouraged him to become a writer. He stopped working for a year and went to the library and wrote. He had so much fun that he decided to become a full-time writer. He wrote about what he knew. His first book, The Watson's Go to Birmingham - 1963 was based on a family from Flint. While doing his research in the library one of the things he learned about was entering writing contests to get books published. He entered the Watsons Go to Birmingham -1963 into two contests and he lost. Random House publishing company decided to publish it anyway. They told him it should be a children's book. He was happy to have it published especially because he was given a Newbery Honor and a Coretta Scott King Book Award. The Newbery Honor is one of the highest honors given for children's books. It is given by the Association for Library Service to Children. The Coretta Scott King Book Award is given to African American authors for outstanding inspirational and educational contributions. As I mentioned in the beginning,
Christopher went on to write other books. He likes to try and imagine himself as a character in his books. With Elijah of Buxton he wrote the character as a free person who was the son of slaves because he could not imagine himself being a slave. Elijah's family lives in the free community of Buxton. This book also won the Newbery Honor and Coretta Scott King Book Award.

5 6 As you can see with all of these facts Christopher Paul Curtis took a risk. He left his job so that he could do what he loved, write books. We are going to be reading one of his novels. I know we will enjoy it.
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