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Marriage and Wedding Customs

Marriage and Wedding Customs in the Elizabethan Times

Osana R

on 14 October 2014

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Transcript of Marriage and Wedding Customs

Marriage and Wedding Customs in Elizabethan Times
Injustice during weddings
Arranged Marriages: 90%
The couple sometimes saw each other, for the first time, the day of wedding
Bridal Dresses
Grooms Clothing
usually wore a short shift as an undergarment
Many delicious food were served at weddings
The legal age for women was 12 and men was 14 before marriage was possible
Be blessed by a priest before marriage
Eloping was illegal
most wedding dresses were coloured
Love Marriages: 10%
Rarely the rich/poor had a love marriage
By: Leah Cooks, Akila Visram, Osana Ratnaharan
By: Akila Visram, Osana Ratnaharan, Leah Cooks
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