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AP EXAM 2010 #2

No description

Sierra Porch

on 17 January 2013

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Transcript of AP EXAM 2010 #2

Sierra Porch 2010 #2
QUESTION Since 1950 many states have faced challenges in developing a strong national identity.

A) Using contemporary examples, explain how each of the following has contributed to the development of national identity and the strengthening of the state..
1. economic development
2. relocation of a state's capital (since 1950)

B) Using contemporary examples, explain how each of the following may detract from the development of national identity and weaken a state.
1. ethnicity
2.transpotation infrastructure SCORING This question was worth 8 points. Four for each part.

Part A:
Two points per part of this section of the question. One point is given when you name a state that may be used as an example. Another point is given for your explanation. If you give two example states and explain them, then you will be given 4 points.

Part B:
The same as Part A Scoring. ANSWER WATCH OUT! Part A
A1) Japan's economy creates jobs and creates a sense off well-being throughout the state.
A2) Brazil may return its state capital to a historically symbolic location.

Part B
B1) Russia/USSR had tension between ethnic groups which eventually lead to it seperation.
B2) In India, poor transportation infrastructure adds to a sense of isolation. There were only two common errors made. One mistakes was students misunderstanding of centripetal and centrifugal forces on a state. The other mistake was that students did not read carefully, and confused the states with states of the US instead of states at a national level.
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