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Teen Suicide

No description

Angelina Fareri

on 30 May 2014

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Transcript of Teen Suicide

overwhelmed by a group's beliefs;
expected to kill oneself on society's behalf

society makes one feel lost or alone

increasingly detached from society

passions are blocked by discipline;
choose death rather than keep on living
~Buddhism --> not condemned, only seen as a
negative counteract to Enlightenment

~Hinduism--> violates code of non viloence, but accepted through non violent practices

Dharmic Religions
Most used methods:
~ Firearms - 45%
~ Suffocation - 40%

Teen Suicide:
An Act with Good Reasoning?

By: Angelina Fareri
Teen Suicide in the Media
Suicide in Religion and Philosophy
- Is a sin that hurts the heart of God and those close to
the victim

- Is contrary to the will of God.

- Suicidal thoughts --> in danger of going to Hell

Essential Question:
Is it morally right for
a teen to take his/her life?
Two factors:
social integration
moral regulation

Protestants had highest suicide rates
Men more likely to commit
Higher education = higher chance of committing
Higher education + religion = lower
chance of committing suicide

Races with highest rates
~Latinos and Native Americans/Alaskans

(suicide) 81%

U.S State
Alaska and Rocky Mt.
Third leading cause of death

(ages 12-18)
More than 5,400 attempts

(grades 7-12)
CDC Survey of 9-12 graders:

1 in 6 high school students considered, 1 in 12 attempted

Suicide in Various Religions
Abrahamic Religions:

~Islam--> one of the greatest sins in one's
spiritual journey

~Judaism--> sometimes accepted as preferred alternative, but is forbidden when one assists
Defining Suicide & the 4 Subtypes
Neopagan Religions
~Wicca--> violates sanctity of life, but also is a rebirth

The Ethical Issue
- Suicide is permissible? ---> suicide intervention is permissible?

- Justified: attempting the act
- Not justified: intentionally doing the act

Health Care Workers
- Justified: intervention

Differences Among Philosophers
Suicide Aftermath
Identifying A Suicidal Teen
Common Misconceptions
- Plato --> "frustrates the decree of
- Aristotle --> "contrary to the rule of life"

- Later Greeks & Romans--> "a means to end
- Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
- Labeled as sinners and/or
- Making it public and/or keeping it a secret --> shame
- Having a mental illness = justifiable; but an act of
- Families who lost a teen to suicide = higher risk of attempting

- Vengeful, extreme anger
- Excessive guilt
- Loss in interest in things one cares
- Looking for ways to kill oneself
- Withdrawing from family & friends
- Giving away prized possessions
- Abusing drugs and/or alcohol
Programs and Hotlines
Mentioning suicide = they won't really do it
- Show some kind of warning; indicate suicidal feelings
Those who attempt suicide are crazy/insane
- Depression & emotional pain are NOT signs of insanity
Mentioning suicide --> puts idea in their head
- Allows person to be open and honest

Suicide Prevention Hotline:
1-800-273- TALK (8255)
Phila. Suicide/Crisis Intervention Hotline:
(215) 686-4420
Youth Suicide Prevention Program

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