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History of Games

No description

Patrick Stinnett

on 12 November 2013

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Transcript of History of Games

Purpose of Games
Teach to Learn
Ancient Games
History of Games
Go- First played in China 4,000 years ago
Chess- Roots come from India in 600 AD and Chinese and Japanese in 800 AD and 1400s it came to the west.
Mah Jongg- Dating to 800 AD modern version
using tiles started in 1800s in china
Mancala- over 7000 years old players move pieces from bin to bin. Many different rules and is played in almost every African country.
Early Games 1800s-1900s
Monopoly- 1900s
Players need to gain control of properties
and bankrupt other players
Scrabble- 1930s
Goal is to be the last person to
form words with remaining letter tiles
The game of Life
Created by Milton Bradley in 1860. To win be
the the most successful and make it to the end
Chutes and Ladders
Made in England late 1800s. Need to avoid
chutes and advance to end based on rolling the dice.
Birth of Video Games
Tennis for two
Created using an Oscilloscope and analog computer.
It used two box shaped controllers.
Arcade Games
Console Games
Epic Win
Magnavox Odyssey
First home video console
Gaming Today
Space War
Space Invaders by 1982 generated 2 billion or 4.6 billion in 2011 dollars.
Total sales in 1981 made 12.3 billion dollars in 2011 dollars.
This was the peak of Arcade games.
Home Computer Games
1983 video game industry crash
Poorly designed games
Bankrupt companies
Over produced games
Competition from home computers
Nintendo saves the day
Gaming Computers
Ability to code
Advanced sound graphics
Mulitple game companies
Gaming 1990's
Graphics improve
More video game consoles
3DO Interactive
Sony Playstation
Sega Dreamcast
Increase in computing
power decrease in cost
Start of game genre
Decline of Arcades
Home video consoles
Handheld games (Gameboy)
MMORPGs-Massively multiplayer online role-playing game
World of Warcraft
Ultima Online
Mobile Games
Angry Birds
Tower defense
Bubble Shooter
Video game Consoles
Xbox 360
Playstation 3
Augmented Reality
Purpose of Games?
Teach and Learn
Future of Video Game Industry?
Makings of a good game?
Q and A
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