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Reg2Go Classroom Presentation

High School Presentation 2012-2013

Brad Zuniga

on 9 November 2012

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Transcript of Reg2Go Classroom Presentation

Reg2Go 2012-2013 Butte College 1. Quality Instruction
2. Small Class Sizes
3. Supportive Staff and Faculty
4. Transfer to Top Universities
5. Save Money Why Butte College? Why Butte College? Cost Comparison California 66% Who Goes to a Community College? What is Reg2Go? Quality Instruction
Small Class Sizes
Supportive Staff and Faculty
Transfer to Top Universities
Save Money In Conclusion... Cost Comparison Why Butte College? What Butte Offers Associate Degrees Career & Technical
(Certificates) Transfer Degrees Agriculture
Computer Technologies
Child Care
Construction and Drafting
Graphic Design
Natural Resources
Heavy Equipment Fire Technology
Registered Nursing
Law Enforcement
Interior Design
Media and Television
Peace and Global Studies
Recording Arts
Theater Arts
Welding And more! Administrative Justice
Agriculture Business
Biological Science
Computer Graphics
Child Development
Computer Science
Natural Resources Criminal Justice
Environmental Science
Graphic Design
Language Arts
Liberal Studies
Psychology And more! Auto Technology
Building Inspections
Court Personnel
Early Childhood Ed
Fire Academy
Graphic Design
Heavy Equipment Technician
Horticulture Interior Design
Legal Office Administration
Landscape Technician
Medical Transcription
Mechanized Agriculture
Medical Office Administration
Police Academy
Respiratory Education
Theater Arts
Visual Merchandising
Welding And more! Physical Education
Physical Science
Social & Behavioral Science Why Butte College? Almost 60 percent of graduates of the CSU system, and 30 percent of the UC system transferred from a California Community College. Transfer Student Data 1. Apply to Butte College 2. Apply for Financial Aid 3. Complete the Assessment Test 4. Sign-up for Orientation Why Reg2Go? Priority Registration
Complete enrollment process before HS graduation
Give yourself more options (Back-up plan)
Priority Registration, Priority Registration Let's Review the Reg2Go Process Application Financial Aid Assessment 1 2 3 Orientation 4 www.butte.edu
Free to complete
SSN is used for Financial Aid - get it right!
List an Educational Goal
Refer to handout Click Purpose: Help you start college at the appropriate level
Not a "Pass or Fail"test
Untimed - average 2.5 hours
Must have photo ID and Butte ID Number
Results available at Orientation
You may be able to use your EAP Results (Junior Year)
SAT (500+ Verbal, 550+ Math)
ACT (22+ English, 23+ Math)
EPT and ELM also accepted
Prepare, prepare, prepare... Click You will learn how to register for classes
Meet with an academic counselor
Campus Tour
Set-up your Portal Account
Bring lunch or be ready to purchase
Prepare, prepare, prepare... Counseling & Registration Prep When?
How? When?
How? When?
How? When?
How? High School College What Makes Butte College Unique? Student Life Campus Athletics Support Services www.fafsa.ed.gov What's the difference between Grants and Loans?
Pell Grant - Up to $5,550 per year
BOG Fee Waiver - Pays for nearly all fees at CCC Paying for Classes Fee's are due 7 Days after you register for classes 3 Options
Pay in Full
Payment Plan
Approved for Financial Aid Butte's FA Code: 006972 One application does it all Talk to your HS counselor about Cal Grant GPA verification and Scholarships! January 1st - March 2nd Apply for your PIN (parents also need a PIN) Butte Scholarships - www.butte.edu/foundation 928 acres - largest community college in CA
11,000-12,000 students per semester
Modern facilities
1st college in the US to be grid positive Sustainability Resource Center
Theater and Drama Productions
Campus Events and Festivals Mens Womens Baseball
Cross Country
Track and Field Basketball
Cross Country
Track and Field EOPS
MESA www.butte.edu/athletics When community college students transfer, they earn G.P.A.'s equal to, or better, than students who started out as freshmen at the same four-year institution. Over 30 clubs to join
Active Associated Students
Culture and Community Center Higher Education Overview Center for Academic Success
Critical Skills Workshops Who's it for? 1. I know I'm going to Butte
2. I might go to Butte (backup plan)
3. I'm not sure what I'm doing! Chico State Butte College Educational Status: HS Graduate Contact Assessment
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