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Hall and Angell

APS presentation draft

Christopher Green

on 1 May 2010

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Transcript of Hall and Angell

(1844- 1924) (1869-1949) James Rowland Angell Granville Stanley Hall *Ashfield
College Antioch
College *Harvard University of Chicago $$$ $ $ The Models of the Modern University President-Psychologist by Christopher D. Green
York University, Toronto Johns Hopkins
University Clark University University
of Chicago University
of Chicago Arnold Gesell Robert M. Yerkes Clark L. Hull Dewey Angell James Harper Rockefeller Angell Dewey James Burrill Angell University of Michgan Henry P. Bowditch William James Geo. S. Morris J. D. Rockefeller James R. Angell Yale University Harper Angell Rockefeller [Residential undergraduates] lived in luxurious suites, ordered meals from printed menus and were served by uniformed waitresses…. Faculty fellows of the colleges delighted in weekly dinners followed by port…. Yearbook histories chronicled football victories, dances, [and] the membership lists of fraternities and senior societies…. (Gladdis Smith, Yale Alumni Magazine, 2009)
We lived in a kind of disembodied cocoon, a deliberate isolation from what we could see and smell and hear when we left the New Haven Campus. . . . Most of my classmates were wholly preoccupied with sports and girls and grades, and bull sessions about sports and girls and grades—in that order. (William Proxmire, cited by Gladdis Smith, Yale Alumni Magazine, 2009 Hall on Wundt: “a man who has done more speculation and less valuable observing than any man I know who has had his career. His experiments, which I attend[,] I think utterly unreliable and defective in method” Atlantic
Ocean Friedrich
Trendelenburg Helmholtz Wundt Benno
Erdmann Hans
Vaihinger Ernst Haeckel G. Stanley Hall Wm. R. Harper G. Stanley Hall Charles Sanders
Peirce George
Morris John
Dewey Charles S. Peirce Clark University
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