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A Tale of Two Cities....."Book the Third"

No description

Jazmin Hernandez

on 20 April 2013

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Transcript of A Tale of Two Cities....."Book the Third"

The chapter takes place in the apartment Mr.Lorry has found for Lucie and her family to live in. Character Traits: brave, nice A Tale of Two Cities by: Charles Dickens Tatiana Hernandez Esmeralda Quiroz Reylina Cruz Samantha Muñoz Jazmin Hernandez Anneke Valencia Setting Chapter 7 "Book the Third" Tatiana Hernandez
Esmeralda Quiroz
Reylina Cruz
Anneke Valencia
Samantha Munoz
Jazmin Hernandez Chapter 1: In Secret Main Characters:
-Charles Darnay: helpless emigrant
-Defarge: carless man who won't help Darnay -Lucie and Dr. Manette go to Tellson's bank to find
Mr. Lorry and tell him that Darnay has been imprisoned
-Lorry sends Lucie away where Dr. Manette and he speak
alone and see in the courtyard a mob, where Mr. Lorry
says that the mob is murdering people
-Manette is confident he can help Darnay since he is an ex prisoner of the Bastille and goes to the crowd and says
"Help for the Bastille prisoner's kindred in La Force." Chapter 2: The Grindstone Main Characters:
-Lucie: worried because of Darnay being imprisoned
-Dr. Manette: confident he can rescue Darnay
-Mr. Lorry: calm and professional about the situation, states facts about Guillotine occuring Literary Devices: Personification: "Against two of the pillars were fastened two great flaring flambeaux,...." (pg. 264) Torches are tied down to pillars and their flames are bright and intense.
Simile: "...,as he put the weapons aside like water..." (p. 267) Dr. Manette is putting the weapons down without caution as if they aren't dangerous.
Themes: The theme shown in this chapter is resurrection, it is shown where Dr. Manette is now confident where before he'd fall into relapses due to his imprisonment. Although people may have down falls to make a judgement that they will never get back on their feet they may resurrect into a new chapter of being exactly opposite. Prediction about the next chapter: I predict that in the next chapter the mob will create a revolt and break open the prison freeing everyone. Literary Devices: Connotation: "The traveller fared slowly on his way, who fared towards Paris from England in the autumn of the year one thousand seven hundred and ninety-two." (pg. 251) The autumn is representing a end in the year 1792.
Imagery: "The escort were two mounted patriots in red caps and tricoloured cockades, armed with national muskets and sabres, who rode one on either side of him." (p.253) The men who are escorting Darnay are being described with carrying guns and their appearance in uniform. Settings: The setting affects the plot
because Darnay is traveling to Paris
to help the Gabelle, but gets imprisoned
for being an emigrant. During this time
the guillotine is occurring. Main Plot Points:
-Darnay is traveling to Paris to help Gabelle
-Gets captured for being an emigrant, he has no rights
-During this time La Guillotine is occuring
-Darnay asks Defarge for help, but Defarge doesn't agree
-Confined to La Force
-meets a prisoner where he hopes that Darnay will not be kept "in secret" where he will be in solitary confinement Themes: The theme displayed in this chapter is the use of the tyranny in the occurring revolution where Darnay is imprisoned by the patriots. Tyranny is a theme in the revolution because the governments had so much more power on the citizens, to the point in abusing it and at times the citizens were being killed. Prediction about the next chapter: I predict that in the next chapter Darnay will be executed because of himself being an emigrant, but Defarge will have a say in his death. Chapter 3: The Shadow main characters: literary devices: main plot points: theme: setting: prediction: Chapter 4: Calm In Storm Chapter 5 The Wood-Sawyer 1) The setting in this chapter is outside of La Force (a prison in France) where Lucie and her daughter stand. Also the streets play a role in this chapter. Main Plot Points 1) Dr. Manette tells Lucie there is a window in which Darnay can see her on the outside. Theme The theme in chapter 5 is Imprisonment; Dickens suggests that the French revolutionaries abuse their power just as much as the nobility did. 2) Lucie and her daughter stand outside of the prison each day for 2 hours. 3) A mob of people crowd through the city and dance a violent dance known as the Carmagnole. 4) Manette tells Lucie that Darnay will stand trial the next day and assures her that her husband will get through it. Characters Dr.Manette-Lucie's father whom spent 18 years in prison. Lucie Manette-young French woman who grew up in England. Married to Darnay. Little Lucie-Lucie and Darnay's child. Madame Defarge-The wife of Monsieur Defarge. Assists the revolutionaries by knitting her enemies names. Literary Devices Prediction My prediction for the next chapter is that Darnay's trial will be successful and he will be released from La Force. La, la, la; La, la, la! And of comes his head" is an example of an onomatopoeia. Dickens uses this literary device to express the sounds made while jokes were made about he guillotine. Chapter 6 Triumph Setting The setting set in this chapter is at La Force for "Charles Evremonde, called Darnay" trial. Characters Tatiana & Esmeralda Reylina & Anneke Samantha & Jazmin Chapter 13 Chapter 14 Chapter 15 Charles Darnay-husband to Lucie Manette and father to Little Lucie. Also, the nephew of the Marquis. Doctor Manette-father to Lucie Manette, former inmate. Lucie Manette-daughter of Dr.Manette and wife to Darnay. Main Plot Points 1) The crowd assembles at the trial of Charles Darnay when Doctor Manette is announced as Darnay’s father-in-law. 2) The crowd lets out a happy cry while the court listens to Darnay's testimony. Setting Main Characters 3) Manette and Gabelle established that long ago Darnay had renounced his title out of disapproval. But being that he is the son-in-law of Manette. The jury acquitted him. Literary Devices Main Plot Points Theme Prediction Setting Main Characters(Anneke) Prediction(Anneke) Main Plot Points 4) The crowd carries Darnay home in a chair on their shoulders. Theme(Anneke) Literary Devices Setting Main Characters Theme Main Plot Points Prediction Literary Devices Theme The theme in chapter 6 is Celebration. Being that Darnay is released from La Force, happiness is brought to the crowd and most importantly, his family. Predictions Literary Devices My prediction for the next chapter is that Lucie and Darnay will be happy and spend most days with Little Lucie. Dickens uses Imagery in this chapter. "The shadows of the wintry afternoon were beginning to fall, and even now the dreadful carts were rolling through the streets." This quote gives the reader a image of how winter is almost over and fall is to begin. Madame Defarge: wine shop owner
The Vengeance: a revolutionary that accopmaines madame
Miss Pross: Lucies maid and Barsad's sbling
Lucie: Dr.Manettes daughter, darnay's wife and Little Lucies mother
Littie Lucie:Lucie and Darnays daughter and the mariquis's grandneice Monsiure Defarge gives a note to Mr.Lorry that is written by Dr.Manette
Defarge brings along his wife and The Vengeance to get familiar with Lucie, Miss Pross, and Little Lucie
Because Little Lucie is the grandneice of the Marquis she is sentenced to death as well Symbolism:"pointed her knitting needle at little Lucie as if it were the fingers of fate" Exp: Little Lucie's fate is decided by Madame Defage since she is the one who chooses who will be cut by the national razor.
Personification:"The shadow attendant on Madame Defarge and her party seemed to fall threatening and dark on the child". Exp: Madame Defarge's stare is threatening towards others such as Little Lucie. My predition for the next chapter is that Madame Defarge will let Darnay free due to his situation with his family Dusk Chapter 11 Darkness Chapter 12 SETTING: At first one may promise something, but in the end will turn around and betray you! Betral THEME: main characters main plot points MAIN PLOT POINTS: summary prediction literary devices theme LITERARY DEVICES: PREDICTIONS: Charles Darnay: The husband of Lucie Manette; a french emigrant. His real name is Charles Evermonde. He is also, the father of Little Lucie. John Barsad- an english spy and a french official. He is also the brother of Miss Pross (Solomon). He is the key guard at the prison where Darnay is held. Sydney Carton: an English man, that is bitter and alcoholic. He later becomes noble and helpful. Lucie Manette: wife of Charles Darnay, mother of Little Lucie and daughter of Dr.Manette. Dr. Manette: father of Lucie Manette, grandfather of Little Lucie and a respected man in Paris, France, do to his eighteen year imprisonment. The chapter starts off with the news that within a four day periond 1100 prisoners have been killed because of the guillotine. there is also a huge change in character in Dr.Manette which will be significant to the others. -As the crowd cheers for Darnay's conviction, Barsad lets Lucie hug her husband for the last time. Simile:"it was taken to pieces, like a toy puzzle for a young Devil,and was put together again."Exp:Comparing the Guillotine to a Devil's puzzle,taking apart pieces.
Metaphore:"The Doctor fely.now,that his suffering was strength and power." Ext: His pain and suffering is like new power and courage -Darnay is led to his cell, to wait for his execution the next morning. Dr.Manette no longer suffers from relapses and is now capable of being the strength of the family.
Lorry and Dr.Manette are not able to communicate because Lorry is an immegrant
Dr.Manette comes up with a plan to help save Darnay -Dr. Manette was devasted and tries to apologize to Darnay. However, Darnay insists not to blame himself for the outcome of the trial. -Lucie faints and Carton kisses her and says,"A life you love" My prediction for the next chapter is that Madame Defarge will find out about the plan of Dr.Manette came up with, and Darnay will be executed Dr.Mannet: Father of Lucie, suffers from constant relapses and has been imprisoned for 18 years
Lucie: daughter of Dr.Manette The act of giving up things which one loves and values. Dickens uses this theme to bring the happiness of Lucie and Charles Darnay about. Dickens uses Carton as a sacrifice for Lucie and Charles's happiness. Within a death or weakness comes a new life with strength. Rebirth -Carton "poisons"Darnay and switches clothes with him where Carton is now a prisoner and Darnay is "Carton" Simile:"they were in numbers as the weeks of the year. Ext: the prisoners were being executed in large numbers like the number of weeks in a year
Mood: In Charles Dickens novel "A Tale Of Two Cities" this chapter depicts the mood of suspense because one wonder's if in the plan of Carton anyone will get caught, and if Carton's life will really be taken to save Darnay's -Barsad agreed to help Carton in freeing Darnay with the condition that his true identity wont be revealed Carton will trade places with Darnay in order to save Darnay from his execution. Therefore, leading the death of Carton. Carton: Promised Lucie that he will protect her and her loved ones, shows trustworthiness because he follows through with the promise. Also shows bravery because he takes his life for Darnay
Darnay: Lucies husband, bravely stands up to his death sentence, but then becomes unconscious because of the mystery drink given to him
Barsad:Miss Pross's sibling and the "turn Key" to Dr.Manette's plan, also shows he's scared because he questions Carton of the plan Carton has made, seeing if he will not turn his back on him "A life you love" (page 339) Dickens forshadows Carton sacrificing his life for Lucie's happy life that she loves. This could also symbolize the topic of sacrifice MAIN CHARACTERS: Character Traits:brave, sensible, courageous, helpful Character Traits: selfish, mysterious, suspicious, Character traits: helpful, nice, loving, innocent Character Traits: respectful, kind, generous In the dangerous streets of Paris, France. It makes the plot more suspenseful because the reader knows how hungry the people of France are to kill and have their revenge. Setting: The setting affects the plot because
it takes place at Tellson's bank in Paris where
Mr. Lorry works. Also, it is in Paris where La Guillotine is occurring. Main plot points: Forshadowing/symbolism Carton and Mr. Lorry admit that there is no hope in saving Darnay Main Characters Theme Main Plot Points Setting Literary Devices Predictions Sydney Carton: an English man, that is bitter and alcoholic. He later becomes noble and helpful. He saves Darnay's life. Madame Defarge will kill Lucie, and Little Lucie as soon as possible. Hurting or harming someone for an opportunity to gain satisfaction. Madame Defarge is an example of this theme, she wants her vengeance towards Darnay and his family, which includes Lucie, Little Lucie and Dr. Manette. Main Characters Theme Main Plot Points Setting Literary Devices Prediction Chapter 9 Mr. Lorry: elderly, kind-hearted, businessman
Jerry: gruff, hardworker, cynical
Barsad: spy, Miss Pross' brother, Soloman
Carton: depressing, diligent, kind, rough exterior
Darnay: good man, Manette's son-in-law, prisoner
Manette: doctor, relapses, older Mr. Lorry reprimands Jerry for being a "resurrection man" and Jerry tells Lorry that if he lets little Jerry work at Tellson's bank, Jerry will become a grave digger instead; Mr. Lorry says no
When Soloman leaves, Carton tells Lorry and Jerry that he is to visit Darnay before his execution
Carton leaves and goes to a chemist shop and buys an unknown liquid
He wanders the streets until sunrise, and then goes to the courthouse for Darnay's trial
They announce Danay's accusers, the Defarges, and DOCTOR MANETTE Tellson's Bank
the streets of Paris Allusion: "I am the resurrection and the life saith the Lord: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live: and whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die" (Pg. 317). This passage refers to Christ speaking about how He is the resurrection, and Dickens uses this to demonstrate how Carton symbolizes Jesus Someone in love will do anything to make that person happy (Carton dying in Darnay's place) - the ULTIMATE sacrifice Something wrong will happen while Carton is trying to replace Darnay Chapter 10 Main Characters Defarge
Dr. Manette Setting Courtroom for Darnay's trial Main Plot Points Defarge reads the letter that condemns Darnay (written by Dr. Manette) aloud in the courtroom
It is the story of his imprisonment : Two brothers, the Evremondes, found Manette to care for a peasant woman who had a horrible fever and to help her brother, who was stabbed. The brothers had raped the woman, killed her husband, and later stabbed her brother, who soon died. Although Manette tried to help the woman, she didn't make it. The very next day, Darnay's mother and his aunt visited Manette, and offers to help the woman's sister (Madame DEFARGE). The next day, Manette is taken away and imprisoned.
When Defarge finishes, the court sentence Darnay to death on the charges of his family. Literary Devices Onomatopoeia: "At every juryman's vote, there was a roar. Another, and another. Roar and roar" (Page 337). Dickens uses the sounds that the jurymen make to convey the fact that they were very upset and all agreed on Darnay's sentence. Theme Dying an innocent death. Darnay should not die because of what his family has done, and this has caused many problems Prediction Madame Defarge will get revenge on Lucie
The plan to save Darnay will not work Sydney Carton: "Christ-like", innocent, nothing to live for, loves Lucie La Force
The guillotine Giving up your life for someone else (Sam) (Sam) (Sam) Characteristics: brave, sensible, courageous, helpful, noble Madame Defarge: wife of Defarge,the leader of the women's knitting group. The ideal idol of revenge. Monsieur Defarge: the owner of a wine shop in Paris. He is the leader of the Jacques. Dr. Manette: the father of Lucie,and father in law of Darnay and grandfather of little Lucie. He is a respected in France. The streets of Paris, France, in Saint Anintone. Then into the wineshop of the vicious Defarges and back to Dr. Manette's house. Characteristics: vicious, daring, revengeful, mysterious Characteristics: nice, thoughtful, generous, helpful Characteristics: hard worker, caring Carton wanders into the wine-shop of the Defarges. The Defarges are amased at the resemblance of Darnay in him. Carton eavesdrops on a conversation between Defarge, Madame Defarge, The Vengeance, and Jacques Three, in which Madame Defarge plots to kill Darnay and his family which include Lucie and Lucie’s daughter. Madame Defarge reveals her history with the Evrémondes. She is the missing sister of the peasant family whom the Evrémonde brothers abused and killed. Carton hurries home. Dr. Manette returns too, begging for his shoemaker’s bench.

Carton tells Mr. Lorry to gather everyone’s passports, including Carton’s, and leave the next day before Madame Defarge’s sentence them to death and make it impossible for them to leave France. - Before Carton is to be beheaded. He says “I am the resurrection and the life.”
In Carton's thoughts, he says that Barsad, The Vengeance, and all the “new oppressors” will die by the guillotine they now celebrate.
He also says that Paris will rise up from all this bloodshed and be free.
He sees a vision of Lucie with a new son, named after him. He also sees Dr. Manette restored to health, and Mr. Lorry leaving all his money to the Manette and then he will pass away too.
The novel ends with Carton’s final thoughts, “It is a far, far better thing that I do, than I have ever done; it is a far, far better rest that I go to than I have ever known. No Prediction. End of Novel. Characters Lucie Manette-young French woman who is married to Charles Darnay and the daughter of Dr.Manette
characteristics- passionate, submissive
Dr.Manette-was in the Bastille prison for eighteen years and is the father of Lucie Manette
characteristics- kind, smart
Charles Darnay-husband of Lucie Manette and is planned to be killed bacause he is related to the Marquis
characteristics-strong, confident
Madame DeFarge-leader of the revolution who is in charge of choosing the people to be killed
characteistics-evil, selfish
Monsieur DeFarge- husband of Madame DeFarge who listens and follows anything his wife says
characteistics-committed, weak-minded Main Plot Points -Dr.Manette was able to save Darnay and bring him back to his family.
-The next day soldiers come knocking on the door to rearrest Darnay.
-The accusers of Darnay's arrest are Madame DeFarge, Monsiuer DeFarge, and one other.
-Dr.Manette asks the soldiers for the other person's name, but they tell him that he will find out the next day. Setting The setting takes place in Saint Antoine which affects the plot because since Saint Antoine is the heart of the revolution, it can be implied that the chapter will talk about the revolution. Literary Devices (Jaz) (Jaz) (Jaz) Giving up ones happiness will lead others to be and value their own happiness. Sacrifice. -simile-"... he stood with a lamp in his hand, as if he were a statue made to hold it."
- this describes how shocked Dr.Manette was by exaggerating his stillness.
-foreshadowing-"A rude clattering of feet over the floor, and four men in red caps."
-this foreshadows the echoing footsteps by the revolutionaries when a bad event ocurred, making readers think that these steps will also lead to a bad event as well. Prediction Theme Chapter 8 Characters Main Plot Points Literary Device Setting Theme Prediction -Darnay is now free and flees with Lucie, Dr. Manette and Mr. Lorry with the help of Barsad "The wretched wife of the innocent man thus doomed to die, fell under the sentence, as if she had been mortally stricken. " (page 337) Dickens compared Lucie fainted as if she had been dead to show that she practically looked dead. The setting affects the plot because it is at the prison (La Force/Bastille) where Carton's plan to save Darnay's life takes place Simile Jerry Cruncher-"Ressurection Man" who digs up bodies from graves and sells them to scientists
charcteristics-short-tempered, rude, uneducated
Miss Pross-she is known as Lucie's "protector" and is the sister of the british spy, John Barsad
charcteristics-brave, courageous, protective
Roger Cly-British spy who claims his actions are inspired by patriotism
charcateristics- dedicated, hard-headed, cunning
Solomon(John Barsad)- brother of Miss Pross and also a British spy
charcteristics- sly, rude
Sydney Carton-attorney whi is in love with Lucie Manette and is willing to do anything for her
charcteristics- thoughful, brave, kind-hearted
Mr.Lorry-works at Tellson's Bank and helps Carton try to save Darnay
charcteristics-honest, loyal, trustworthy I predict that in the next chapter Carton will be killed and Darnay, Lucie, Dr. Manette, and Mr. Lorry will caught in pursuit. -Miss Pross's brother, Solomon, visits Saint Antoine.
-Jerry Cruncher sees Solomon and recognized him from Darnay's trial who accused Darnay of treason.
-Sydney Carton identifies Solomon as John Barsad, an english spy.
-Carton threatens Solomon of revealing his true identity, unless he helps with plan to save Darnay.
-Solomon claims Roger Cly is dead, but Roger Cly disagrees, not telling them how he knows that. “I am the resurrection and the life...”(page 378) Dickens tries to portray Carton as Christ. In the Bible in John 11: 25, its states the same phrase. Carton was suppose to be the "savior" of the novel. Symbolism Personification "All the devouring and insatiate Monsters imagined since imagination could record itself, are fused in the one realisation, Guillotine." (Page 374). Dickens portrays how the guillotine is this ravishing monster that is hungry to devour anyone. This makes the reader scared and makes one feel sympathy for the people that have died already and will die. My prediction for the next chapter is that Carton will save Charles Dranay by sacarficing his own life. My prediction for the next chapter is that Stryver will be the accuser of Darnay's arrest and Dr.Manette will try to save Charles Darnay from being killed. Madame DeFarge-leader of the revolutionaries and wife of Monsieur DeFarge
characteristics-cruel, hatred
Lucie Manette- daughter of Dr.Manette and wife of Charles Darnay
characteristics- loving, beautiful, sweet
Miss Pross- takes care of Lucie and is sister of Solomon
Jerry Cruncher-"resureccts bodies back to life" but actually digs up bodies from graves and sells them to scientists
charcateristics- short-tempered, sneaky
“I have observed his face!” repeated madame, contemptuously and angrily. “Yes. I have observed his face. I have observed his face to be not the face of a true friend of the Republic. Let him take care of his face!” (page 343). Dickens uses repetition to emphasis how Madame Defarge doesn't acre about Dr. Manette. Repetition “Then tell the wind and fire where to stop,” answered Madame Defarge. “But don’t tell me.” (page 344). Madame Defarge shows she is mad how her husband is feeling bad for Lucie and Dr. Manette and how he doesnt want ton hurt them. There she says to tell everything to stop and to not tell her because she wont stop from going after them. Personification The setting takes place in Saint Antoine which affects the plot because it can be implied that the revoluto will be taking a role in chapter. -When someone knocks you down, its your choice whether to get back up in fight or give up and stay down. When you sacrifice something valuable, you're not losing it, but instead you're just passing it on to someone else. Don't just stand up for yourself, but fight for yourself. -metaphor-"Let the doctor play the winnig game, and i will play the losing one.No man's lif is worth the purchase."(pg 306)
-This shows the bravery of Carton who is not afraid to lose his life.
- personification-"He was tied fast under the shadow of the axe."
-This is referring to the guillotine and shows how the guillotine can overpower many."(pg 308) I predict in the next chapter that the revolution will end and the Manettes and Darnay will live in happiness.
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