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Organizational Patterns/Text Structure

No description

Rudi Wolfe

on 10 February 2013

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Transcript of Organizational Patterns/Text Structure

Organizational Patterns Brainstorm how text are structured... Fact vs. Opinion Fact Definition: tells something that can be proved true or false Opinion Definition: tells ideas or feelings. It cannot be proved true or false. Fact Key Words: Years, Numbers
Opinion Key Words: I feel, emotions Time Order/Sequence Definition: Also known as chronological order. Ideas are presented in the order in which they occurred in time. Key Words: First, Third, Next, Then, Finally, Eventually, Following This List of Items Definition: Information listed may be items, facts, reasons, examples, features or characteristics. Key Words: And, too, in addition, moreover, or, also, furthermore, as well as, plus, in fact, moreover, besides... Compare/Contrast Definition: Materials are organized to emphasize the similarities and/or
differences between 2 or more items or topics.
Compare Definition: Things in Common, Items/Concepts are alike, Similarities
Contrast Definition: Differences, Not alike, Distinctions Comparison Key Words: Similarly, Like, The same as, Compared to, In the same way, likewise
Contrast Key Words: But, yet, on the other the hand, however, instead, nevertheless, on the contrary Cause and Effect Definition: Describes or discusses an event or action that is caused by another even or action. Cause Key Words: Because, for this reason, due to, cause, on account of, if this, then this...
Effect Key Words: As a result, since, consequently, therefor, thus, in effect, resulting, and the outcome is.... Definition and Example Definition: Is found primarily in textbooks; a word or concept is introduction then explained or described. Definition Key Words: Define as, is, known, the term means, is stated as, is used to mean.
Example Key Words: For example, to illustrate, for instance, such as, specifically. Classification Definition: Pattern is also widely used in textbooks; divides a topic
into parts that are based on shared or common characteristics. Key Words: Categories, classifications, groups, classes, ways, elements,
features, kinds, types, varieties, methods... Order of Importance Definition: The information is given either from the least important feature
to the most important, or from most to least important. Key Words:
Central, principal, chief, major, main, key, primary, significant
Finally, lastly, finishing with, ending with, least Problem and Solution Definition: Presents a significant problem and explains it in detail.
Then a possible solution is proposed. Problem Key Words: Problem, need, difficulty, dilemma, challenge, issue.
Solution Key Words: Answers, propose, suggest, indicate, solve, resolve, improve, plan, respond to a need Process Definition: The information explains the steps in a particular procedure or process. Steps lead up to a final product or finished project. Key Words: How to, in the process of, the following steps,
first, second, third Mixed Patterns Definition: Many texts contain sections and passages that combine 2 or more patterns of organization. Descriptive Definition: Used to give information in with facts.
Information is usually found in in encyclopedias, informative websites or textbooks.
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