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how the wars began

No description

genesis grande

on 28 March 2016

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Transcript of how the wars began

the Texas Revolution
reasons for revolution
how the texas revolution began
Some reasons for the texas
the texas revolution began with the battle of gonzales in october 1835 and ended with the battle of san jacinto on april 1836 , but there were earlier crashes between official forces and groups of colonists , so that it is impossible to set domatic limits in speaking of military episdes alone to , say nothing of the developing of social and political differences
revolution is racist,expand west,
people fight for us
did you know we got the help from william miss.sorto and
all the help from...
speaceal thanks to...
genesis grande
jacob gray
lanae terry
there were many other wars that were going on at the same excact time and date as the revolutipn war that
occurd because of texas seperatig from where the queen lived in old great britain where british people now livel the texas revolution
by:Genesis Jacob Ian Lanae
The people ho fouthg for us was very brave.
And they fought for wat they balieve in an the county
does to. More information is that they kill a lot of people in the war my gues over 7,657 people died in the texas reviloution they wee probobly scard to go to war but they did somthing that not a lot of people woud do but it was the right thing to do.
by Lanae
Anglos wanted to expand slavery,laws against immigration.
and disagreements with the government.
jacob gray
thank you for watching ....
by genesis , jacob , lanae , ian ...
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