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Podcasts for Research Methods in Psychology

No description

Jane Walsh

on 5 April 2014

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Transcript of Podcasts for Research Methods in Psychology

Psychology students often find statistic very difficult
Using Camtasia clips for teaching Research Methods in Psychology
Not bad ideas, except sometimes...
They did not expect to see this kind of thing...
They studied Psychology to 'help people'
Or have to do this...
The result can often be this....
What can their friendly Psychology Lecturer do to help?
Detailed lecture notes on Blackboard?
Careful demonstrations in class?
One solution?
Providing additional resources in a
medium student can access and relate to
Specific project objective?
To develop
reusable learning resources
for students in problem areas identified by them in feedback
Sample problems targeted for Camtasia clips?
Interpreting SPSS printouts
Dummy coding variables in SPSS databases
My Plan?
1. Trial run in CELT labs
2. Acquire Camtasia licence
3. Script several 2-3 mins clips
4. Load them onto BlackBoard

And, hopefully end up with something like this

So less of this....
and of this...
And lots of this....
Thanks for your attention!
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