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Creating Video Games: Backgrounds and the HUD

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Jessica Tran

on 12 March 2015

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Transcript of Creating Video Games: Backgrounds and the HUD

Creating Video Games: Backgrounds and the HUD
Game Play Type


First Person Shooter


Side-scrolling with jumps

Third-person viewpoint

Specific character view

Control units, buildings, etc.

Most varied, can be based on logic puzzles or other scenarios such as shape associations, mazes, or other features.
Shoot-'em-up - Ikaruga
Puzzle/Adventure - Sam and Max
Strategy Game - Rome Total War
What is the HUD?
HUD stands for Heads Up Display
This is the screen that is viewable
to the player and displays the
information that a player needs to track as they play the game.

Mass Effect's HUD has both subtle and very obvious features
Critical Decisions
HUD Features
A HUD can have a lot of features to help make game play easier (or sometimes more challenging!) for the player.

Some include:
Life Bar/Health/Energy Meter
Progress Bar
Targeting crosshairs
Skill Buttons
Inventory Options

Requirements for Project:
Create 3 Backgrounds
Each must contain 1 HUD feature
Backgrounds must be unique (consider it different levels or zones)
Can be created in Photoshop or Illustrator (Photoshop may prove easier to manage features)
Matches the style/aesthetic of your characters and objects
Quality matters, the stronger your background, the better your final animation will be!
Rubrics can be found on Mrs. Tran's site:
Game Play and Your HUD: Define your Game Play
Once you decide on your game play and what
HUD features you want, it will make creating the background that much easier.

Note: Not all games have obvious HUD features, but for the purposes of this project you should have at least one HUD feature.
Text Boxes count.
Usually a top-down view or side view, though not always the case.
Unit and city management controls, some include battle or large-scale war features.
Can be story-driven or stand alone, usually involves either puzzle solving or logic to navigate to the next level or next section of the story.
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