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No description

Joanna George

on 2 July 2013

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Transcript of Athena

Birth of the Goddess
Goddess of..
-Wisdom -Knowledge
-courage -Strength
-Civilization -strategy
-law and justice -Arts and craft
-warfare -Skill
-Math -intelligent
distaff(rod for unspun thread)
aegis (a shield of goatskin)
By: Joanna George
According to a prophecy, Metis (the first wife of Zeus) will have 2 children. First a girl, then a boy and he will overthrow Zeus. Zeus didn't want to be overthrown so before Metis could have Athena (the First child to be born), Zeus swallowed Metis! 9 months passed and Zeus got a painful headache. Hephaestus the blacksmith god opened Zeus' head with an ax without hurting him and out popped Athena a grown goddess with armor. Ever since then, Athena was his favorite daughter.
Olive Tree
Sacred Animal:
The Story of
Medusa and Athena
Once upon a time, there was a girl named Medusa; She was the most beautiful girl and won't stop bragging about it. One day at the temple where the people go and thank Athena for her wisdom. Medusa went and said that the sculpture was amazing, but it would be more divine if it was a statue of her. After she said that, the palace shook and the statue of Athena came to life. Athena was mad at Medusa, Athena told Medusa that she was foolish and that life is not all about beauty. So Athena put a curse on Medusa; she became ugly, her hair became snakes and if someone looks her in the eye she/he will become stone.Even if Medusa looks at her in the mirror she herself would become stone.
The Goddess looks down on Athens
Athena's birth
Symbol: Olive tree
Thanks for watching
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