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Example of Fractured Fairy Tale - The Three Little Pigs

The Three Little PIgs- retold

Kim Buchholz

on 24 April 2013

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Transcript of Example of Fractured Fairy Tale - The Three Little Pigs

The Three Little Pigs Once upon a time, a mother had three little pigs. She had gotten annoyed by them so she decided they were old enough to move into their own houses. As they left she reminded them, "Never open the
door to the Big Bad Wolf, he'll eat you." "Who, me?
I'm not bad and I definitely don't eat pigs. I just
want some friends, that's all." I thought. I watched as the first pig quickly collected
straw to build his house. By the time it was done,
I saw it was a nice house. It had a door, two
windows, and a chimney. After he was done , I watched the
second pig find sticks for his house. He quickly built his house with strong walls, a window, a door, and a nice roof. The third, and smartest pig was looking
for materials for his house. After about an hour,
he decided on a wonderful brick house. When he
finished his house, I saw it had the best features.
It had strong walls, two windows, a door, and a chimney, Since the first pig was the first done, I decided on
congratulating him first. I walked back to his house
and up the steps to the front door. "Little Pig, let me
in," I said. "No Mr.Wolf," replied the pig. Oh no, I just realized; I forgot about my allergies! I huffed and puffed and I tried to hold it in but.. "ACHOOO!" I had sneezed the house down. The little pig ran as fast as he could to
the house made of sticks. "Oh, so we are playing tag,
are we?" Ok, I thought, I'll chase him. By the time we got to
the stick house, I was tired. The two little pigs were in the house so I walked
up to the front door thinking our game of tag must
be over. "Little Pigs, let me in," I said. They replied, "No, no
we won't Mr.Wolf." I walked to the lawn and was innocently
thinking to myself, "hmmmmm, why won't they let me in?" when
all of a sudden, my allergies returned! "ACHOOO!" I had sneezed the second house down. The two Little Pigs ran as fast as they could to the
house made of bricks. I followed them to apologize for
sneezing their houses down. This was a sturdy brick
house. "Little Pigs, let me in." Of course they replied,
"No, no, no we won't Mr.Wolf." I had to try to get in to
apologize, so I waited for another sneeze. After a long time,
had passed I let out a sneeze, but the house was
still standing! I decided I would climb through the chimney to get inside the house. I backed up and with a running start,
jumped on to the roof. I stammered over to the chimney and hopped in. SPLASH! BOOM! I found myself trapped in a boiling pot of water- "They are going to eat me!" I exclaimed. I pushed on the lid and off it came! Growling
at the pigs, I gave them such a scare that it seemed they would
do anything to get me to stop. Little did they know that I am a harmless wolf and just needed a friend. They had nowhere to
go, so I expained that I would not eat them if they would just
be nice to me. They quickly replied, "We promise, we will
be your friend from now on!" "Okay, that sounds fair,
it's a deal," I replied. The pigs and I lived together
as best friends from that day forward.
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