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No description

Mr. Stack

on 16 December 2015

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Transcript of THE USS ARIZONA

On december 7 1941 the uss Arizona sunk because the japenes bomed Peal Harbor which made the ship sink.The japenese bomed the peal harbor but it was not meant to hit the harbor it was meant to nuetralize the US pacific fleet and they did that to protect themself but then it hit the peal harbor.Six air caft carriers from the japenese bobed the boat.The air crafts were also carrying 1757 pounds of bombs.This bomed killed about 1177 crewman and left as little as 4 people to die.The boat was buit by Alfred Preis in 1910 it was used as a war boat from world war 1 to world war 2.75000 people attended the uss Arizona even the mair of New York John Mitchel attended that launch.When the boat was sunk it had no deck so the boat rested on the bottem of the ocean for weeks days until people made a efort to get the ship.
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