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cassius animal farm

No description

cassius nagle-thomas

on 18 June 2013

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Transcript of cassius animal farm

chapter 1
Old major died in his sleep and the animals kick Jones out of the farm and started the rebellion. They decided seven commandments for the farm and the animals changed the name from manor farm to animal farm
animal farm
chapter 4
chapter 2
chapter 3
Old major gave a speech about a
rebellion and sung a song to the rest of the animals called beasts of England.
Snowball became leader of the farm
and the animals started farming and Boxer tried to work harder than everyone else. they made a flag for the farm which was a horn and a hoof.
Rumors were spread throughout
about animal farm starving to
death and Jones battled the animals to try and takeover the farm but he was chased off and They called the this fight the battle of the cowshed. snowball left to the other farms
and napoleon took over.
chapter 5
chapter 6
The animals started to build a windmill because that's what snowball had wanted to build but the walls were too thin and it fell down and the humans found out and spread more rumors
chapter 7
the seven
Winter came and the crops froze over but the animals worked to rebuild the windmill and napoleon banned beasts of England. napoleon slaughtered three hens, three sheep and four pigs.
the animals were still sung beasts of England even though napoleon banned it.

chapter 8
Muriel changed to 6th commandment (no animal shall kill any other animal) to: no animal shall kill any other animal without cause because napoleon had executed the animals. Minimus made a poem in honor of Napoleon and Napoleon started sleeping in a bed and The animals got drunk (breaking rule 4).
1.whatever goes upon two legs
is an enemy.
2.whatever goes upon four legs or has wings is a friend.
3.no animal shall wear clothes.
4.no animal shall sleep in a bed.
5.no animal shall drink alcohol.
6.no animal shall kill any other animal.
7. all animals are equal.
napoleon rebuilds the windmill twice as thick and he blames snowball for knocking down the
old one. mollie starts breaking a few rules and then decides to run away.
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