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Kal Tire - 2018

April 2018 - March 2019

Manitoba/Ontario Prezi

on 8 March 2018

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Transcript of Kal Tire - 2018

"Our Difference Is.....US!" (March 2017)
Got a lot of account customers back (March 2017)
New veteran mechanic on board with 25 years experience (March 2017)
Have gotten a significant amount of colony business back (March 2017)
Transparency, honesty, integrity and sincere belief in their products and services (March 2017)
8 years in Portage
Longest hours of operation in Portage 7:30am – 6:00pm, Monday – Saturday, all year
24 hour road side assistance
Well trained experienced staff who like to serve clients
Only Nokian tire dealer licensed to sell in Canada
More public awareness (March 2017)
Hone in more on Ag industry (March 2017)
More aggressive in pricing (March 2017)
Outsource more labor for Ag Implement Dealers (March 2017)
More community involvement (March 2017)
Currently are re-branding: new logo, new colors, online ordering, building to be repainted with new colors, recently changed from DOS to Windows operating systems (March 2017)
Build trust back with customers
One on one relationships
Continued lack of awareness
Overall down turn in economy
Lack of awareness (people still think that all you do is tires)
Lacking outside sales team
Damaged reputation from past years
Public lacks awareness that you do AG farm service calls
We are trying to exploit the
market that already exists,
and direct customers to your
place of business.
We are not trying to create a market for your product.
It is what you do when you can't see someone in person.
Why Radio?
Radio is Intrusive
Radio Creates Pre-need Preference
Radio Can Tell Your Story
Why Radio?
Radio is Intrusive
Provincial radio Reach
Radio Quintiles
Over half (52%) of Canadian farmers ages 18+ fall into the medium/heavy to heavy radio listening quintiles (index:123)
Source: Numeris mirco+ Radio Dairy Fall 2017
Source: *Numeris micro+ Radio Diary Fall 2017
Why do companies that have seemingly maxed out on brand recognition still spend so much money on advertising?
Success Stories
Fort McMurray
Donation Drive
CFRY Helps Annual
Kettle Campaign
ROK 50/50
Tank & Trailer
How To Advertise
10-second liner
What's Your Message?
30-second commercial
What's Your Message?
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