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Hope for Haiti

An art project responding to the earthquake in Haiti, January 2010

Krista Krygsman

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Hope for Haiti

Bell ringer Art in Society The Next Art Project: Respond to events in a meaningful way Art can help people work through enormous issues and situations in life. It can help to expresses our human joys, sorrows, fears, loves, etc.

Art even has the potential to bring back healing and hope.
Pablo Picasso (1881-1973)
Spanish painter Pablo Picasso painted mural (1937) of bombing of Basque city of Guernica by German airforce during Spanish Civil War. Depicts victims of war, suffering women, children, and horse. Perhaps greatest painting about war ever made. Focuses on victims. Timeless and universal in its themes.
Write, draw, or both:
Question #1: What would you like to say
to the Haitian people?
Haiti Earthquake: January 2010 The Tap Taps of Port-au-Prince Haiti We will be working as a class to create one large Tap Tap bus ‘decorated’ on the topic: Our Hope for Haiti
Jobs 3 people for tracing the bus (quickly) 3 people for lettering the words “our hope for Haiti” very large on the bus
Adding pictures, words, and symbols of hope: draw it, color it or paint it, cut it out and paste it on
Painting the bus colorfully (large brushes and work quickly)
Outlining the bus with dark lines (paint or oil pastel)
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